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Friday, January 28, 2011

GOP is Now the Pro-Rape Party

Republicans are seeking to redefine rape to mean "non-consensual sex where brute force was used." Statutory rape will not not make the cut. Neither will date rape, rape using drugs or alcohol or any other form of non-consensual sex that does not result in the shedding of copious amounts of blood, the leaving of bruises, or a dead victim.

No, I am not exaggerating this.

Let me reiterate this: If you were raped and your rapist didn't cut you, shoot you, or otherwise leave marks on your body, then according to Republicans, you were not raped, you only had maybe less-than-enjoyable sex.


Anonymous said...

Well, no doubt he thinks that will teach all the "sluts" that will not voluntarily sleep with HIM a lesson. The mind absolutely boggles at this sort of thing..

BadTux said...

When even Charles Johnson of the disgusting right-wing site Little Green Footballs condemns this bill, you *know* it's disgusting. Says Chuckles, "women who become pregnant after being drugged and raped would get no assistance. And children molested by sexual predators would get no assistance unless they were sufficiently beaten."

Ugh. And I thought the Rethugs could go no lower... what next, they suggest euthanizing old folks to save on Social Security and Medicare?

- Badtux the "Peee-YOOOO!" Penguin

Eck! said...

I can only hope they stop drinking for that level of batshit crazy is clearly ethanol at work.

This country is so frelled.


John Milton said...

I read the article twice and it seems to refer to the federal funding of abortion, not changing the definition of rape. Am I wrong?

BadTux said...

The law says that abortions caused by rape can be paid for by Medicaid / Medicare. The proposal is to change the definition of rape in order to pay for fewer abortions. This is especially abominable for children who are under state care, whose medical expenses are covered by the state. You're a 12 year old foster kid raped by your foster father or by the 17 year old drug-dealing thug who also lives in the foster home? Tough toddy, unless you have the bruises you gotta bear the child to birth, Medicaid won't pay...

Like I said, when even Charles Johnson of the disgusting right-wing site Little Green Footballs condemns this bill, you *know* it's disgusting. 'Nuff said.

- Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

Eck! said...

It's federal funding of abortion is the focus but read the section of allowable reasons and the exemption rules service providers. it also locks out tax exempt money such as the self funded Health savings fund. In doing it the way they do it defines what conditions where rape occurred are acceptable. By default that produces a federal definition of
what constitutes legal rape as.

They are trying to ban abortion and will set back womans rights nearly a century in the process.

To me, the next step is declaring females as property, again. I think the thugs will try that too.


BigWheels said...

LGF isnt so right-wing anymore.. he officially switched sides when the right-wingers when bat-sh*t crazy in 2008 because an african american was elected president. I used to hate his site, but amazingly, the tune has changed alot over the last few years,.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with BigWheels. Johnson is now a pariah in the right wing world. They hate him.
He's sort of the right-wing crooksandliars now.. in that he's a right winger who spends most of his time posting about right-wing insanity.

One of his favorite targets is Pam "The Screeching Harpy" Geller [his nick-name]. Apparently Pam 'atlas shrugged' Geller started as a journal writer on LGF but he kicked her off the site as she got increasingly hysterical.

I'm thinking about permentantly adding him to the few liberal political sites I read every day.