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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Shorter GOP: "It's Only a Fair Election if We Win."

Officials in rural, Republican-controlled Cochise County of southeastern Arizona, near Tucson, voted to delay certifying the results of this year's midterm elections and to miss the state's legal deadline of Monday, despite finding no legitimate problems with the local counts.

Their guy lost, there is no known problem in their county's conduct of the election, but they're refusing to certify it because, in short, their guy lost.

That is how a goodly number of Republicans roll these days: It's only a fair election if their side wins.

They are, frankly, wannabee fascists.


CenterPuke88 said...

The fun bit is, two races won by a Republican would instead be awarded to the Democrat if those votes aren’t certified.

w3ski said...

I don't see where childish tantrums became an election tool but boy am I disgusted. I've raised 4 kids and I never allowed any of that losers whine from them, and I am tired of seeing it from quote adults unquote. Isn't anyone going to encourage the GQP to grow the eff up? What a bunch of whiners. If they can't agree to lose, they don't get to play.

Leo Knight said...

I first saw this in my state, Maryland, in 1994. Republican Ellen Sauerbrey lost to Democrat Parris Glendenning by a narrow margin. She immediately went on every talk radio show, claiming she had evidence of massive voter fraud, tens of thousands of fraudulent votes. She turned out to have no proof, but to this day, this is held up as an example of a "stolen" election.