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Sunday, July 5, 2020

The German Army Has Been Infiltrated by Nazis

As Germany emerged from its coronavirus lockdown in May, police commandos pulled up outside a rural property owned by a sergeant major in the special forces, the country’s most highly trained and secretive military unit.

They brought a digger.

The sergeant major’s nickname was Little Sheep. He was suspected of being a neo-Nazi. Buried in the garden, the police found two kilograms of PETN plastic explosives, a detonator, a fuse, an AK-47, a silencer, two knives, a crossbow and thousands of rounds of ammunition, much of it believed to have been stolen from the German military.

They also found an SS songbook, 14 editions of a magazine for former members of the Waffen SS and a host of other Nazi memorabilia.
Germany's special forces, known as the KSK, may be riddled with Nazis. They have another problem:
But investigating the problem is itself fraught: Even the military counterintelligence agency, charged with monitoring extremism inside the armed forces, may be infiltrated.

A high-ranking investigator in the extremism unit was suspended in June after sharing confidential material from the May raid with a contact in the KSK, who in turn passed it on to at least eight other soldiers, tipping them off that the agency might turn its attention to them next.
That leads to an obvious question: How big of a problem is infiltration by neo-Nazis for the American military?


Ten Bears said...

That... is not on my bingo card.


w3ski said...

I did naht-see that coming. I'd say nazis in any army are a big problem. The Marines at least just stopped the Confudderates, and I'd love for them to address the nazi problem as well. Assholes that hate the US for what it is, but proclaim themselves "patriots"?
With the racist nazi in charge encouraging them on, they have come out of the woodwork like ants in a flood.
Just like the birds and the bees, there are a few "talks" we need to have with each other in this country. It should have come up and out a long time ago, but America seems to be anything but reflective about the ugly parts of our past.
Being Jewish by birthright doesn't help my attitude about them, but they are honestly vile.
Just saying

seafury said...

This must be a recent phenomena in the military. While I do recall being reminded that I was no longer a cake eating civilian, there was never any doubt that we there to protect civilians. At the time it was from Ivan and the big red machine. Thanks to General Flynn, and the presnident, now I know they were the good guys all along. A few marines I knew did have the opinion that civilians didn't deserve their protection, but maybe that was a cultural thing. After hearing how the troops in Clint Lorances platoon were treated, the Matt Goldstein's and the Eddie Gallagher's being treated as heroes, Can there be cells of ardent nazi's in our military? Absolutely. With the support and encouragement of the president, it's a given. Now as the military looks inward for enemies how long before they're taken off the leash? I'm waiting for the picture of troops in a Target parking lot, standing over bodies surrounded by red hats giving a thumbs up. LAWFUL ORDER?
MAGA KAG MOTHERFUC$ER THERES YOUR LAWFUL ORDER!!! Nazi's? Maybe not but close enough.

Old NFO said...

Sigh... Really???

DTWND said...

Fury, the saddest part is when/if they’re criminally charged, they’ll use the LT Calley excuse. And trump will point out that they are good people.


Stewart Dean said...

"How big of a problem is infiltration by neo-Nazis for the American military?"
And let's not forget about the evangelicals believing in Biblical law and a Christians-only America that have infiltrated the Air Force and its Academy in Colorado Springs, Google "air force academy christian evangelical", you'll get plenty of hits.
Here's one:

CenterPuke88 said...

Stewart Dean, Uncle Sam’s Christian Flying Club has been a favorite of the Comrade for years!

Stewart Dean said...

But I bet they make sure their Bibles and T&B indicators are right side up.

Latest LooneyTunes:

Eck! said...

Standard problem with the rabid evangelicals, they are being
dissed if they can't make us sit while they shovel their brand
of guano down our throat.

Sorry I'm not playing. Take it somewhere else where they care.