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-- Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, 2/25/20

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Isn't It Clear, Now, Why Trump Has Been Ignoring the Pandemic?

Early numbers had shown that Black and Latino people were being harmed by the virus at higher rates. But the new federal data — made available after The New York Times sued the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — reveals a clearer and more complete picture: Black and Latino people have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus in a widespread manner that spans the country, throughout hundreds of counties in urban, suburban and rural areas, and across all age groups.

Latino and African-American residents of the United States have been three times as likely to become infected as their white neighbors, according to the new data, which provides detailed characteristics of 640,000 infections detected in nearly 1,000 U.S. counties. And Black and Latino people have been nearly twice as likely to die from the virus as white people, the data shows.
The data also showed several pockets of disparity involving Native American people. In much of Arizona and in several other counties, they were far more likely to become infected than white people. For people who are Asian, the disparities were generally not as large, though they were 1.3 times as likely as their white neighbors to become infected.
The article goes into some of the possible reasons for the disparity.

What is pretty evident, by now, as more and more data comes out that shows that people of color are being sickened and killed by the coronavirus than whites, the less and less Trump is interested in doing anything to slow the rate of the pandemic. You can bet the farm that if the coronavirus was more severely impacting white people, that Trump would have nothing else on his mind. But ever since the first data came out about the racial disparities of the victims of the coronavirus, Trump turned away.

Instead of concerning himself with matters associated with the pandemic, Trump is laser-focused on preserving the statues of dead traitors and of ensuring that the Flag of Treason continues to be displayed. Trump is running the most overtly race-baiting campaign for the presidency since George Wallace, if not Strom Thurmond. When he addresses the pandemic at all, he lies about the number of cases, he claims that there would be no pandemic if there was no testing and he lies that 99% of the people who get the virus don't even get sick.

Trump's turned his back on Texas, Florida (his new home state), and Arizona. If cases are rising in your state, don't look to either Trump or Jared the Prince of Merde for help. Trump's decided that he can write off a few hundred thousand dead Americans as the cost of his getting reelected. Trump's betting that his batshit-crazed supporters will go along with him and will turnout in numbers that will drown out his historically low approval ratings for a president running for reelection.

The best evidence that Trump is wrong in his bet comes from America's Greatest Political Weathervane, Lindsey Graham.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Monday defended NASCAR and Bubba Wallace, one of the sport's top Black stars, as both come under criticism from President Trump.

During an interview with Fox News Radio, Graham said it "made perfect sense" that Wallace was concerned about a noose found in his garage stall. He also argued that by banning the Confederate flag at its events, NASCAR was trying to "grow" its fan base.
For Graham to disagree with Trump on, well, anything, signifies that Graham is sensing a change in the political winds.

But Trump will do what he thinks will work: He'll double down on his race-baiting and white-supremacist steam-whistling. Because he thinks it'll work for him one more time.

And one more time is all that he and Vladimir Putin need.


CenterPuke88 said...

Republicans are now realizing their error, but understand it’s too late to turn the boat. They have to hope Donnie can win, and within an hour of his inauguration the 25th will be in play. Alternately, if Donnie’s health were to precipitously decline before the Electoral College meets to vote, the RNC would have a pretty free reign. Isn’t it interesting how the faithless electors case was just decided...that now the States could punish one of Donnie’s electors if they failed to vote for the RNC designated replacement?

DTWND said...
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DTWND said...

Seems some white "militia" showed up at a protest in Louisiana. The next time the protest was scheduled, some black men with guns showed up too.


It won't take much to anticipate what happens next time. The southern whites seem to forget the 2nd amendment applies to Black people too.

Are these monuments to confederates really worth the fight?


dinthebeast said...

Mitch McConnell seems concerned about what will happen if he loses his majority also, and while many disparaging things have been said about Mr. McConnell, to my knowledge "he doesn't know how to count votes" has never been among them.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...

Here a bit of math for you....

1% of 316 million is 3,160,000
if 1% of those die that's 316,000

We have known that's a lie as we have nearly half that in deaths
now and reports are 18-20% test positive.

Of 32,258,000 tested reported (some unknown but likely
significant number of redundant retests).

current number is 2.99 million confirmed to have covid.
current number is 131,000 died

So it would seem 10% of those tested have had it, we know
1% rate was a lie. Also since we have number of dead
that also leads to about 4.3% of the infected die.

Before any one remarks that we don't know the total
infected we can assume its more but time is hard to
factor into the raw numbers as its like compound
interest for infection rate. BUT anay number put
forth must acknowledge the death rate is a continuous
increasing thing.

So when we get to 316,000,000 10% of that is 31 million
and 4%of that is 1,360,000 dead.

That is only rough back of the napkin numbers. Also not
that many groups will be impacted disproportionately.

Back in the beginning of all this there was a prediction
of likely death if there was no mitigation and the number
was in the millions. Seems we have modified the trajectory
and slowed it down but the target remains.

Those that do not have access to doctors and medicine...
Will have more dead on that long list.

And our president doesn't give a flying fuck. The GOP
wants [needs] to thin the herd of useless eaters aka
those that do not pay taxes. They have only one
problem... Since they do not own slaves they must have
a population of low paid people and those are dying
faster. Because insurance is expensive.

May the rethugs rot in hell.