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Friday, April 3, 2020

Ten Point Three Ounces; Gun Ed.

Per my postal scale, that's the difference in empty weights between this gun, a Lightweight Colt Commander, at 26.6 oz:

And this one, a Colt Government Model, at 36.9 oz:

Mind you, those are empty weights. A Wilson 47D magazine and nine rounds of Federal HST weigh 8.1 oz. Which brings the weight of that 1911, when loaded, right up to 45 oz (interesting coincidence). That's a buttload of weight on the belt.

On the other hand, the Commander is akin to a loaded K-frame revolver, with an additional three rounds of God's (or JMB, Jr.'s) Own Cartridge.

Oh, you can get a polymer-framed 1911, which comes in at 32 oz, but that doesn't seem like that much of a weight savings. I've not seen one, let alone shot one.

UPDATE To respond to a comment, I did not find a noticeable difference in felt recoil between the two. Recoil in semiautos is different from revolvers; there is more at play than the weight of the gun.


BadTux said...

With something that has the kick of .45 ACP, I'll take the heavier pistol, thank you very much. Sure, it's heavy on the belt, but a pistol you can't hit shit with is useless, and a lightweight .45 ACP is one where you get one shot and that shot better count cause the kick done thrown you off enough that you won't get off another shot before the punk is on top of you.

Comrade Misfit said...

I should have addressed that in my post, but I didn't. I didn't find a noticeable difference in recoil between the two guns, and that was with wood grips on the 1911.

I'll update the post.