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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

One of Two Things is Going On With Space Karen

Either he's losing more and more of his mind, or he's shit-stirring in order to keep his ugly puss in the press.

Elon Musk continued to boost a debunked conspiracy theory Tuesday, posting and later deleting a meme on X that referred to a fringe, far-right claim that sought to connect members of the Democratic Party with child abuse.

Musk wrote “does seem at least a little suspicious” alongside a meme drawing from the TV show “The Office,” which included fake dialogue superimposed on images of a character arguing that “Pizzagate is real,” a reference to a conspiracy theory that gained traction in 2016 and culminated with a North Carolina man’s opening fire in a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant. NBC News reviewed the post before it was taken down.

If he's really losing his marbles, then bless his heart. If he's just shit-stirring, then he is a hateful troll who, when anyone says his name, they should immediately spit on the ground.


Unknown said...

I really admired what he did with rockets, cars etc. but now what a shithead, jeez

Richard said...

I think he is just stirring the shit. He has more money than God, and he likes the attention. He will never face any consequences until the day he dies. Yes, Elon Musk, that applies to you too. I am sorry you turned out to be such an asshole. Maybe if you weren't such a selfish prick, you would have learned something while you were here.

Frank Wilhoit said...

@Unknown, He didn't do anything with the rockets or the cars either, except get his name on them. Rocket-before-last ruined its launch infrastructure because, after all, according to Elon, if it had gotten to Mars and then turned round to come back, there wouldn't have been a proper launch pad on Mars. This was one of the times when his few remaining technically-competent people did not manage to put a bag over his head. There will only be more such times.

Stewart Dean said...

Both and MORE!! The man's a genius, nobody can shit-sink an enterprise like him.
This on the techbros like him:
They know themselves to be gods, seeing far beyond the ken of us poor mortals.