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Friday, November 16, 2018

Corporate Inanity; S&W and ABC

First, ABC. If you watch Good Morning, America's second hour this week, you will have seen that a good part of it has been nothing but a Disney infomercial. Look, I understand that GMA is the softest of the three morning news shows, and that a goodly percentage of its hard news s rewarmed shit from the previous evening's news show, but even with that, the amount of corporate toadyism going on is a bit much.

Now, Smith & Wesson: One of the worst features of a 21st Century S&W revolver is the frelling internal lock. It's a poor design, to say the least. There are credible reports of spontaneous activation with lightweight J-frames and with guns firing heavy magnum loads. There are a number of S&W fans who scour the the used gun cases because they don't trust the lock.

What's even more inane is this: I offer, for your consideration, two S&W guns manufactured in this decade:

The gun on top is a Model 60-15. You can see the activation hole for the internal lock just above the cylinder release.

The gun on the bottom is a M&P Shield. It has no internal lock.

The trigger pull for the striker-fired Shield is lighter than the double-action of the Model 60. It is shorter, too. But there's no lock.

I suppose that one would have to be either a S&W executive or one of their lawyers for this to make any sense. For it sure doesn't make sense to me.


DWW said...

At least the Shield does have a safety, IIRC. But there's an awful lot of M&P's out there that don't even have that.

I always knew something bothered me about the logic of the revolver lock, notwithstanding the perceived politics behind its origination. However, I could never put my finger on it..

You've finally clarified it for me, and I have to admit, I'm a little embarrassed that I'd never seen it this way before. Now if we could just get the S&W execs to see it this way. That said, if we think we'll ever get a manufacturing exec to sign off on removing a safety feature (no matter how dubious) from a deadly product, I have a screaming deal on this bridge up in New York....


Comrade Misfit said...

David, the safety is a violation of the "grip & rip" principle. I would have been happy with a grip safety. But they're not an option on the Shield.

I'd like a new Model 19. The "carry comp" variant is interesting. But then there is that damned lock. (The only reason that I bought that Model 60 is that the pricing was very, very good.)

Flagg said...

Buy a Ruger!

Comrade Misfit said...

Not until they bring back the Security Six.