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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

An airplane that truly needs no introduction:


Old NFO said...

Noisy beast with the J-79s without AB... I'm guessing from the early 70s. Thanks for the memories!

Brad_in_IL said...

I'm struck by the amount of smoke produced by the engines. Just don't see that anymore.

Sarah said...

@Brad, turbojets like the early 707 used water injection. That's why all the smoke - you still see this with the trusty B52.

CenterPuke88 said...

Also since the 737-300 and 747 the airlines have used Turbofan engines versus the stovepipe Turbojet engines. Much more efficient and only contrails (or chemtrails, for the weak minded) on display.

3383 said...

Old NFO- early 707s used a civilian version of the J57, yes. I don't think the J79 was used.
Still kinda cool to think of those engines powering airliners and combat jets.

Sarah- I didn't know the smoke was from water injection; thanks!

bearsense said...

The water injection was always "sporting." Hot day, 125K fuel load and losing water pumps after S-1 meant many prayers and attempting to "sit lighter" to avoid dragging the gear across the fence. (EC-135 A/G).
The crew chiefs also hated it when the ambient temp was between 25 and 32 since they would have to stay outside with the alert birds to keep the water from freezing ....... once it stayed below 25, we dumped it.
Loved that airplane.