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Sunday, March 18, 2018


It seems to be widespread within the NYPD. They basically lie like politicians: Often, withour tremorse and without any consequences (most of the time).

One has to wonder whether or not it is widespread everywhere else. My bet is that it is.


B said...

Here's the problem:

"Officer Martinez remains in good standing at the 41st precinct".

Until the other officers hound him out, or the brass chooses to do so, his actions are therefore, tacictly approved.

Why should we believe a cop over anyone else? Used to be they were assumed to be honest, not, not so much.

Dark Avenger said...

B, ever heard of a guy named Serpico?

dinthebeast said...

We have a long and corrupt history of this kind of behavior from our police here in Oakland.
On the other hand, the OPD and the Alameda County Sheriff's office set up, busted, and shut down the OHA's police force back in the '80s for out of control corruption.
Then they had damn near identical charges leveled against them in the "Riders" case, that never successfully prosecuted any of the involved officers that didn't flee to Mexico, but spawned a civil case that got the OPD a judicial order to clean up their act or else.
That was being overseen by Thelton Henderson, who regularly threatened to throw the department into receivership if it continued to miss deadlines for the reforms the case levied against it.
Sadly, he has sort of retired, and I don't have the same confidence that the reforms will be held to now that he isn't there riding herd on them.
They not only lied on the stand, and in reports, but regularly shook down drug dealers for their cash and drugs, and then used the drugs in "dropsie" arrests, where they claimed that suspects threw them onto the ground and arrested them for possession with intent to distribute.
Over a thousand of those cases had to be reheard after the OHA debacle, but I don't know the status of the similar cases connected to the Riders.

-Doug in Oakland