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Friday, November 22, 2013

Has the DoJ Been Compiling a Federal Gun Registry?


The law supposedly forbids that, but if the NSA revelations have taught us anything, it is that the spooks and the cops working for DasGov have little regard for such niceties. And it may have been going on since before C-Minus Augustus turned the keys over to Barry.


.45ACP+P said...

Though there is little else that I will credit the Obama administration with, I will credit them with disuading the conservatives from having any further trust of the government. The "Libs" have not trusted the government for years. Now at least we are in the same boat. in a more perfect world the quote from "V" would be appropriate:"People should not fear their government, Government SHOULD fear the people."

Joe said...

If the government wants a gun registry, they can have one in a week or so. Or if they were really lazy, they could purchase one from the NRA.