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Monday, November 4, 2013

Emperor Alexander Doesn't Want His Power Reduced

But that's what apparently is in the cards:
Senior military officials are leaning towards removing the National Security Agency director’s authority over U.S. Cyber Command, according to a former high-ranking administration official familiar with internal discussions.
The "former high-ranking administration official" who is running his mouth is probably Michael Hayden, who has a track record of being a covert blabbermouth.

Anyway, Emperor Alexander is, predictably, against losing power:
“I believe it has to remain dual-hatted. If you try to break them up, what you have is two teams not working together. Our nation can't afford–especially in this budget environment—to have one team try to rebuild what the other team does.”
That's a slick political ninja move to use budgetary reasons as a justification for accumulating power. It would be like J. Edgar Hoover advocating for having the CIA become part of the FBI because the FBI already had a headquarters building and they wouldn't have to hire upper-level management.

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