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Monday, November 4, 2013

GOP in VA: Already Mustering the Circular Firing Squads

It's not hard to find stories that have been running days in advance of tomorrow's election in Virginia where Republicans are already blaming each other for the expected thrashing of Ken Cuccinelli by Terry McAuliffe, a man who is so slimy that if his photo isn't in the dictionary as an example of a sleazeball political fixer, it should be.

Much of it is the now-routine crap about the long-time GOP political operatives blaming the Teabaggers for running nutjobs and the Tea party conservatives blaming the RINOs for deserting the party's candidates and not contributing to their campaigns.

The latter is funny. The far-right conservatives apparently think that they are entitled to have the big donors hand them cash.

It would seem that maybe Cuccinelli is feeling the pinch of a little political entitlement reform.

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Joe said...

Based on an unscientific survey of conservative Virginians (my family), there's a better explanation of why Cuccinelli is going to lose. All my female relatives are voting D this year. Few of my male relatives know this fact.