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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shorter New Mexican Lawmaker: "In Order to Protect Women, We'll Force Them to Carry Rape Babies to Term."

That's the rationale, all right. Forcing women who were raped to carry the babies of their rapists is "protecting women". So they'll make it a felony to have an abortion after being raped and the fig-leaf for that is "preserving evidence".

I'm pretty sure that the technology exists to get and preserve the DNA from the dead embryo/fetus after a D&C. So this bill is just another pitiful attempt to punish women for being raped.

Maybe the legislator who came up with that bill ought to emigrate to Pakistan or some other 3rd/4th world shithole that regards women as chattel.


Eck! said...

Lets see...

Attacked by a rapist,

Pregnent from said rape,

Carry to term, 9 months,

Have to raise the child,

Then endure the rapist having rights to visit said child.

Seem the mother gets a sentence of about 18 to life and the rapist gets to end it.

Horribly broken to the max.


Nangleator said...

As I wrote elsewhere, if those fetuses are evidence... well, you can't have a civilian taking evidence home with her, can you? Do you let drug dealers keep their drugs after they go out on bail?

That evidence needs to be taken from the civilian and remanded to custody in a police evidence locker. No exceptions!

CenterPuke88 said...

Personally, I think that a law making the father or accused fathers of any fetuses that are to be aborted receive, as close as can be madically repeated, the same treatment the woman gets pre-abortion might improve things. You know, in Texas the father gets a rectal sonogram with a 13" probe while the doctor describes his prostate...

If these cells are so important, write a law requiring all girls/women ovulating to document an attempt to get pregnant every month and charge mastubating males with a crime. It seems like the logical end game to me.