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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Google's New Motto: "Being Evil is Fun!"

When Google started business in the 1990s, they loudly proclaimed their motto was; "Don't Be Evil."

how times have changed.

Goggle's "Street View" cars, which take photographs for that function of Google Earth, are not just shooting photographs. No, it seems that the Street View cars are engaged in mobile wiretapping, snapping up every bit of wireless information that they can find. When regulators, both in this country and in Europe, have pressed Goggle to answer the simple question of"what the frak are you guys doing", Google refuses to answer.

When Google first tried to explain their snooping away, they airily proclaimed that the snooping was a bug, an error in their programming. Turns out that was a hell of a lie, for Google knew what was going on and they were just fine with it. Until that is, they were caught..

Because, well, they're Google. Google doesn't answer to mere governments. Because evil organizations just don't.

And if Google is sharing that information with the NSA, who would be the wiser?


Bridget Magnus said...

"Don't Be Evil" was an order to others, not an internal value.

Odd, posting this comment from my Google account.

montag said...

Google is just the latest Big Tech that wants to rule the world. At this point it is likely that the NSA gives information to Google.

w3ski said...

Here I thought this was all innocent activity. It's true tho, you can find MY wooded retreat on a Bing map. Sad to be so visible from even "Outer Space".

w3ski said...

The 'Founding Fathers' (what a concept) never envisioned "space monitoring" , I think they would have restricted it, had they known.

Cthulhu said...

Maybe it was a typo and they meant to say, "Don't notice us being Evil".

David Perry said...

Facebook says this is from a "spammy" site. Odd that's true now and not every previous time I've posted it there. That's twice today too.
Somehow though, the idea of Google working for the NSA makes perfect sense. It might be the other way around.....now that would be scary.