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Monday, May 28, 2012


Jake: "You humans have a warped idea of what a 'mouse' is."

Jake seems to keep his eyes half-shut almost all of the time, as though he is just so bored.


w3ski said...

He's just too cool for all this.

w3ski said...

Wow, Monday was a Memorial day for sure. Woke up at 6;15 am with the Big (100lb) dog barking whimpshly and on the bed. So I looked out the window to see what had my Saint Bernard in a fluff and saw 6 foot plus of Black/Brown Bear sniffing at the trash cans.
A long haired Bear, with that "Big Bear" head, not dog shaped at all like some.
As I wake up in a fuzzle I go thru the armory in my mind, .357 revolver, No, .357 lever action, No, .45 auto No, ,.308 bolt action, YES!
I knew I bought that cannon for something.
But No, the bear was scared of by the Goat of all things, the bear jumped sideways and ran off.
No tracks, no photos, no damage, but what a sight.
I know I live at the end of the road, I know there are Cats and Bears here, but you rarely see them.
Sure has me rethink my policy of long walks in the brush with only a 9 shot .22.
Heck, even my 6" model 6 S&w with handloads seems puny in comparison with the size of that young buck Bear.
Quite a Memorial day, here.

w3ski said...

6" model 66, sorry.