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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Follies

There is political shit going on.

Crap going on right now in Afghanistan would indicate that the soldiers have not learned a damned thing in a decade.

But I don't care too much about that, not today.  I went with a friend to put her cat, Rocky, down. She went with me yesterday for Gracie. It's a little easier to go with someone else to put their animal down than it is to put your own to sleep, but not by much.

Rocky was losing control of his back legs. What started out as a slight limp was getting worse. It got to the point that he could barely get around. So it was time.

Rocky; September, 1998- February 21, 2012

Rocky was a Maine Coon. Like a lot of his breed, he was a one-person cat. I wasn't that person, but my friend, who bottle-fed him from when he was a tiny kitten, was that person.

It's been a rough couple of days. It'll get better.

For fun.


Nangleator said...

Another beautiful one gone. I'll hug and kiss my babies for you.

Phil said...


Two babies in two days?!

Rocky was a beautiful cat and I always got a kick out of your pictures of Gracie.

They certainly are individuals with their own personalities.

They are so much part of the family.
Even though some times ya cuss them and call them varmints, ya love them like children.

My sincere condolences.

wolfbitch said...

My sympathies to your friend for her loss. I always enjoyed with Caturday pictures with Gracie and Rocky the Visitor. What a tough month it's been for catpeople and their beloveds.

Old Sarge said...

I had to put my noble Tiberius to rest not long after returning from Iraq. Thankfully I still have Germanicus, who without I don't think I'd still be here if it wasn't for his companionship and love.

Farewell Rocky, you hunt with Gracie now. Bast bring you home.

w3ski said...

I am So sorry for Your Loss/es. Please believe me, I do SO Feel your loss and pain.
Over many years I have lost many a Furry Family/Friend and the grief is the same as when I lost each of my Parents.
A brew and a bowl to each of your friends and to you too, in respect.
I honor the Love they each gave you.
So Sorry for your pain and the pain I Must accept soon from my older friends.
Crappy deal: that my Best Friends have such a shorter life than I do.I would so give my crappy life that theirs might be a day longer.

w3ski said...

PS I promise to Hug my Cats and Dogs that much more, in honor of your loss.

w3ski said...

This has been a sorrow to me for two days now.
My cats and dogs and I too, have cried real tears for your loss. I can't understand such a loss, except to be Angry.
I would easily kill any human or animal to protect my family. So , So sorry that there was No other choice for You.

Frank W. James said...

One of our 'outside' barn cats (there are 2) has to have some Mainecoon in him because he's HUGE! They are neat felines. He lets the mini-dachshund drag him around by the throat for about 20 seconds by the back door, then HE HISSES and the dog lets go immediately and backs off. (That cat notched each of his ears a couple of years ago.) He is actually LARGER than the dog, but they seem to like each other....most of the time.

Sorry for the loss of your friends. I hope there will be new ones to come into your life because good cats so enrich our lives with their regal ways...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Eck! said...

You do what you can for them and give them a safe life. In the end we know they will leave us and it doesn't make it one bit easier.



Ruckus said...

Cry a little or a lot, feel sad that they are gone. Hope that they miss you as much as you miss them. Remember the goodness but don't forget the orneriness, for that was part of them too. Love them for whatever time you have together, for that is enough.

Anonymous said...

Poor Rocky, and poor owner and you! I am so sorry....sometimes pets are such an anchor to life, when they go one feels utterly adrift.

JEG43 said...

Wept for you yesterday and now again today. Slept in this morning and woke with my long-haired grey, Tuck, stretched out along my leg - he's only done that once before in five years - a day after we lost one of ours. So he was bucking me up for something.
I can only offer you my sympathy. And to your friend.