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Monday, February 20, 2012

Caturday; Memorial Edition

Gracie; April, 1997- February 20, 2012

She had a lump on her jaw, so I took her in to the vet's office less than two hours ago. The vet diagnosed the lump as as cancer. The vet noted that a couple teeth were starting to loosen. That's probably why Gracie had lost interest in eating dry food, which she loved. Between that and her arthritis, her prognosis was not good at all.

It was time. I stayed with her as they put her to sleep. I owed her that much.

I will miss her terribly.

I already do.


Comrade Misfit said...

And Rocky, my friend's cat, is not doing well. What was originally thought to be a back injury is not improving. he's gone from limping to barely walking. He lies down when he eats.

So this may be a horrible week for us both.

Bridget Magnus said...

I am sorry for your loss.

Yogi said...

I'm so sorry, EB. They leave little pawe prints on our hearts.

Peter said...

I'm sorry for your loss. They take a part of us with them when they go, don't they?

On the other hand, they usually give it to some kitten needing a home, and the kitten brings it right back to us. I find comfort in that thought.

montag said...

I am sorry for your loss.

wolfbitch said...

My sincere sympathies, Comrade Misfit. I know how badly it hurts when they go - I had to help my own cat find peace this way, only last month.

Gracie was a beautiful cat - her lovely eyes seemed to light up every picture you took of her.

May she pounce on plentiful mice in breezy pastures.

Frank Van Haste said...

Dear Miss Fit:

Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

You'll fool yourself into thinking you hear her, or catch a glimpse of her, for the next few months. I always smiled when that happened to me after Henry went West last year...like some part of him was still around. And in fact part of Gracie will always be around, because you won't forget her.

Give Gracie's "colleagues" an extra scratch between the ears from me.


w3ski said...

I am so very sorry. Words cannot share my sorrow.
She Lived a Good Life

ZOOLATRY said...

Purrs and prayers on your recent loss of this beautiful little kitty girl.
We have a blog, and if you would like us to include her, please
visit and the link below and send
an email; there's no obligation ...
just sharing our pet losses.

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry. It's always hard, even when we do it right. I'm offering best wishes and even prayers for Rocky.

Frank W. James said...

Misfit: Even though we have a dog now, I still miss our daughter's Persian cat. There are felines who define the very essence of style, pose, and charm while continuously giving nothing less than unselfish love and devotion.

That cat could read my moods better than my wife of 35+ years.

Old age is not kind of any of us but it is particularly hard on the kidneys of felines. I had to make the same decision you did today and YES it is a loss. Not the same as my daughter's, but more of a continuation and extention of that pain.

I will say no more other than I'm Sorry...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

CenterPuke88 said...

Terrible news...Gracie was always so regal in the updates. Such a sweet looking cat, and so wrenching when we have to let them go.

Eck! said...

Hi Misfit,

Oh well, do we know the loss. I'll miss her. They are a part of life.

I do hope George and jake do ok now.



squiregeek said...

Dear heart,

Words cannot come close to expressing the loss of such a close friend. Please know we grieve with you.

Bigcat said...

CM: Our sincere condolences for your loss. I always looked forward to Gracie pics. We'll miss her.

Old Sarge said...

Bast, Sekhmet, we give you back your child.
Noble, regal, honorable cat.
Watch over her, and guide her on her way
to the spirit world.
May she be blessed in your names,
and hunt ever after beside you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful Gracie. I am so sorry!

Doug T. said...

I feel awful. Aside from understanding how hard this is, Gracie was the name of my cat growing up and among my favorite pets. I enjoyed watching your posts on her (mine was a him--an early breaking of gender identity). I agree with the Bad Yogi.

Improbable Joe said...

I'm so terribly sorry.

Mike R said...

My condolences losing a beloved pet is a sad, sad occurrence, they truly are our best friends.

Nangleator said...

So sorry. You did the right, brave thing for her. Couldn't have been easy.

w3ski said...

A small bit of comfort. I hope

Ruckus said...

Sorry to hear the news. Never good when a loved one goes.

bearsense said...

So sorry, Comrade.
It's one of the hardest (and kindest) decisions one is ever forced to make. That doesn't make it any easier.

Comrade Misfit said...

Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments.

You guys are really the best.

ronnwaters said...

Sorry for your loss.

OldRetiredDude said...

Sorry to hear of your loss, I had to put down my old hound dog Daisy this summer and I miss her still...hang in there!

Nangleator said...

This ends on a silly note, but it's a good thought: http://www.smbc-comics.com/?id=2327

JEG43 said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

D. said...

My condolences; she seemed a lovely cat.

Doug Alder said...

So sorry to hear about Gracie - I lost my 10 yr. old coon cat this past summer - it hurts forever.

Fixer said...

So sorry, Misfit.