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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Occupied America: To Abuse and Mistreat

Six cops in Las Vegas pulled over a motorist who they though was drunk. Those manly protectors of the public order then beat the shit out of him, only to discover that the motorist was not drunk. He was diabetic and in insulin shock.

I will bet that every one of those goons is still on the job today. The worst thing they probably got was a mildly admonishing memo which was in their personnel files.

If you want to know why more and more Americans, not just faggots and brown-skinned people, are regarding the police as an occupying force, this is why.

The cops had best get over their "blue wall of silence" shit and start dealing with the bad apples. Those six thugs have tarnished the badges of every police officer in their area.

Sooner or later, it ought to be apparent to local governments that brutal cops cost them money and maybe they ought to get rid of them.


Nangleator said...

I can attest that low blood sugar incidents can look EXACTLY like drunkenness. But the mistake isn't what's wrong with this story. Two other things are wrong with it.

Cops just want to pile on someone and hurt them or kill them. They are eager for any excuse, and apply illegal levels of overreaction for their own amusement. In fact, by cop standards, all cops should be slowly squeezed to death in a hydraulic press until the fluid stops oozing out from between the plates. You know, because they commit crimes and won't stop resisting.

The second problem with the story is that if this guy was really drunk, and not diabetic, the beating would have continued until all the sadists were satisfied, and we probably would never have heard about the murder.

We are fast approaching the point where having no cops would be safer and more just than having OUR cops.

bob said...

You can add the Houston Airport Police to the growing list of Crap On Patrol (COP). In the 1980's I was coming home from a business trip and in the stair well of the parking garage I came across a male in his late fifties who was down, he was incoherent, he had a head wound, and was bleeding badly, he showing signs of shock, and he had the smell of ketones on his breath.
There was no telling how long he had been down, but based on his airline ticket it would have been at least 45 minutes.

I used the emergency call call box to report a man down, and when the police did arrive on, the officers joked that he was just drunk. I insisted that EMT be dispatched, their response was just go away. I did not and kept pushing for EMT on site, at one point one of the officers said that if I did not stop he would arrest me, at which I said great, I will get to talk to the judge and a Jury. EMT were finally dispatched and as soon as they started to work on him it became very serious. This individual was diabetic, and he was in shock, and his head wound was serious.

I filed a complaint which went no where. Within three years various members of this department would be in prison for numerous offense committed against the people that they were suppose to protect and serve. From what friends of mine who still live in Houston say it has not changed very much in the last thirty years.