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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keep Pulling Your Accounts From Those Guys

Yes, I know that the banksters who imposed or planned to impose debit card fees have changed their minds, all, that is, except the mouthbreathing swine at Bank of America.

I say: Keep closing those accounts regardless.

The reason I say that is because those banksters are just going to try with other fees. They'll charge you for receiving a statement by mail. They'll charge you for using a live teller. They'll charge you for moving money from your savings account to your checking account. They'll charge you for doing a transaction online.

They'll figure out other ways to separate you from your money.

So keep closing those accounts. Don't use their ATMs. They're feeling some pain, now. Keep inflicting it. Through our government, we, the American people, made it possible for those fuckers to keep drawing multi-million dollar paychecks and bonuses. It wasn't the banksters financial acumen which avoided what would have been the Great Bank Crash of 2008. It was our money that did that. And boy oh boy, with all of the fees those fuckers keep trying to impose, can't you just feel the gratitude and love they have towards us for saving their bespoke-suited asses.

Multi-million dollar salaries, my ass. In a just Universe, their heads would have long ago rotted away on pikes. In a reasonably fair Universe, they would be lining up for meals inside of a few Federal prisons.

But no. They set up this recession. They pumped up the housing market by offering sub-prime and similar loans. It was the banksters that opted to offer "liar loans" and "nina loans". It was the big banksters that bundled the loans into toxic securities and sold them, which removed those rotten loans from their local portfolios. It was the banksters, the really crooked ones, who offered those securities and then sold them short. And now the banksters keep trying to cover up their misdeeds with robo-signed mortgages and other fraudulent documents.

So now that the last Congress cracked down, just a tad (for the present Congress would no no such thing), the banksters are screaming and trying to gouge the small customers.

Fuck them. Fuck them hard. Keep pulling your accounts from them.


OldRetiredDude said...

You go girl! I agree totally, I have been a member of a Credit Union for over 30 years with no complaints! I can't understand why anyone would give their money to one of these big banks. I have enjoyed free checking, free bill paying and free overdraft protection for all this time.

Stewart Dean said...

butbutbutbut...they GOTTA make money...but it's worse, they gotta make every BIGGER profits! Just raping the customers like they always have isn't enough, they have to find new and better and more devious ways. Otherwise....dadumm...they won't get big compensation....or shareholder might even pull out and take their capital somewhere else...
Why the whole house of cards might implode! Socialism! Or is it Fascism, I forget?

Cutting the irony/sarcasm, this is a different sort of bubble...a bubble of obscene and unrealistic profit expectations...only it's not housing or investment, it's one of extreme employment "compensation", of extreme shareholder windfalls.

The beast is finally realizing it's riddled with parasites and is purging itself.

merlallen said...

Yeah, I tried to cash a paycheck drawn on their bank and they charged me $6.00. they told me if I opened an account with them it would be free. After I got done laughing at them I told them to take the 6 bucks.

Raven Onthill said...

Oh, foo. They're already making scads of money from swipe fees. Even under the new limits, they'll still make scads of money from swipe fees. They don't need to charge more than that, though I'm sure they want to.