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Friday, June 5, 2020

How Low We Have Sunk As a Free Nation

That it is now necessary to have a website that tracks police abusing reporters.

This is the sort of shit that was supposed to happen in shitholes like Russia, Iran, Belarus or one of the former Soviet *-stans.

The United States of America was once a country that took pride in freedom of the press. Those days are gone under the misbegotten reign of King Donald the Nutter.

We are now just another nation that is teetering on becoming a failed state that is ruled by an authoritarian thug, codenamed Bunker Boy, who hides behind fortifications.


Eck! said...

There is a political advert about bunker boy and his DC wall.
It uses Reagan's tear down the wall speech. Priceless!

However he has his wall now and the Praetorian guard too.

The site, Its stuff that should not happen ever, like a few people
seriously injured and the one journalist that lost an eye to a
pepper or marker ball. The poor guy in Buffalo that got knocked
down and then left wounded eventually in the hospital as serious
head injuries. That it exists says bunker boy and fiends need a
teaching moment.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

That's how this website got started after 9/11

Tod Germanica said...

Nice to see some pushback from our military though. That dustoff crew who buzzed the crowd were instantly grounded and are being investigated for breaking various regulations.
It's said the joint chiefs are contacting Pelosi and the dems over illegal orders from trump or Barr.
And, now, Barr is claiming he did not order the crowd beating, gassing clearing of the church square. Previously he went along with it being 'white house ordered'. So what that means is that trump himself ordered the charge into peaceful, lawful citizens exercising their constitutional rights.
Worse and worse for trump and the trumpites.
I thought that the military would need to bring trump down after his constant betrayal of the US with Russia and with Senate complicity and support. It's never happened before but it was never needed before either.
Even Nixon's colluding with Russia over Vietnam doesn't come up to trump's ongoing treason with our nation's chief adversary and even enemy.
Tells you a lot about your fellow Americans that trump's support among the deplorables remains solid at around 40%.
They like them some trump the authoritarian, Putin puppet and traitor to the USA or not.
They like trump the fascist. It's why they voted for him. He's keeping his promises.
Whether the military stays loyal to the constitution or turns trumpite if push comes to shove probably depends on how rotten with trumpite fascism the ranks of the military are.
But not all military are 'good Germans' like toady quisling Barr. Or nazi trump.
In failing 'democracies' similar to ours it's usually the military that takes power in the absence of effective national government and, in our case, a national government both failing and subverted and thrown into a crisis by a national enemy. With traitors to the US at the very top of the regime. In the midst of disease pandemic and economic collapse.
Especially a corrupt regime still cooperating with our national enemy to steal another election. If the trumpite GOP attempts to stop the election we'll know trump is trying storm the Reichstag. And be the iron hand his cultists want him to be. For life.