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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Of No News to Anyone; White Supremacist Ed.

Trump keeps blowing his racist steam-whistle and the neo-Nazis are hearing it loud and clear.

Meanwhile, law enforcement has not been paying attention to the threat from neo-Nazis. Even though, since 2001, racist whites have committed more terrorist acts and killed more people than any other group, law enforcement, from the FBI on down, hav largely been ignoring them. DHS issued a report about the threat from white supremacists in 2009; the Confederacy Party lost their collective minds.

The FBI warned thirteen years ago that white supremacists were infiltrating law enforcement. Nobody seemed to give much of a shit.

The Asswipe of Pittsburgh was yelling "all Jews must die" after he was arrested following his slaughter of eleven (and mostly elderly) Jews. Imagine, if you will, what the reaction would have been if he had, instead, yelled "Allahu akbar." The FBI would be questioning his third cousins and anyone that he had talked to in the last ten years. He would be charged with terrorism and Republicans would be calling for him to be sent to GITMO.

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

That's another backwards thing about the current, well, political (because politics figure into it) situation. The far-right fanatical groups like the militia guys and the sovereign citizens and such have long tended to expand during Democratic administrations and sort of calm back down during Republican administrations.
That's not happening this time, though, and I believe it's sort of important to understand just why that is.
Not particularly hopeful that will occur, for the same reasons you wrote about: remember that 2009 stuff happened with a Democratic administration and Dem majorities in both houses of congress.

-Doug in Oakland