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Monday, September 26, 2022

Not a Good Sign in TOFF-World

Digital World Acquisition Corp., the blank-check company looking to take Trump Media and Technology Group public, has changed its listed address to a UPS Store in Miami.

The change from a Miami office building to a UPS address came with DWAC’s regulatory filing on Friday disclosing that some investors pulled out tens of millions of dollars.

The company said it had lost $138.5 million of the $1 billion in financing from private investors in public equity, also known as PIPE, to fund Trump Media after the merger. The contractual obligation for those investors to contribute to former President Donald Trump’s media company [lapsed] after the deal had expired last Tuesday, allowing them to pull their funding.

Seems pretty sketchy to have an investment firm using a private mailbox store as a physical address.



Stewart Dean said...

It's a solid gold box that transforms into a palace.

Ten Bears said...

LOL ~ it was a private outfit, not UPS, but I got away with that for quite a while, back in the twentieth century. On my driver's license for a couple years, but they caught on at renewal, said "nope, not a physical address." LOL

BadTux said...

My employer got evicted by Google because they want to turn our office warehouse into a parking lot. So yeah, our mailing address is currently a UPS Store.

We do have significant physical infrastructure though. We have a couple of racks in a boutique colo, and we have a lab in an old retail space that's not suitable for office space but fine for a bunch of specialty equipment. But no physical offices anymore. Oh well.

dinthebeast said...

I didn't have a stable home address for a few years so one of my ID's did have my mailbox by Jack London Square in Oakland on it, but my newest one has this address on it. It must be more strict for a driver's license because nobody said anything to me about my ID.

-Doug in Sugar Pine