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Monday, October 14, 2019

Anyone Who Believes This Denial Has Mush for Brains

Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign has disavowed a parody video showing the US president massacring media outlets and political rivals.

The video was on display at a conference organised by American Priority, a pro-Trump group.
Mr Trump's head is superimposed on the body of a man who goes on a killing rampage inside "the Church of Fake News".

The heads of the people he kills have been replaced with the logos of media organisations, including BBC News, CNN and the Washington Post, and political opponents such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
There are more details here.

Does anyone seriously believe the denials of the Trump campaign or of his most loyal boot-lickers? Trump often uses eliminationist language. As has been shown by one mass murder after another, his supporters are getting the message: Go forth and kill those whom Trump hates-- Jews, Mexicans, reporters.


dinthebeast said...

At the very least the violence promoting speech he has been using publicly and on the record makes it hard not to be skeptical of his denial.
Smarter politicians than him possess an awareness of the consequences of such speech and tend to avoid it.
But not Fergus, who seems to believe that the rules never apply to him.
We're about to discover whether or not he is correct in that assumption.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

SO, other than your hatred of Trump, why do you believe that Trump is responsible?

The Right has just as many talented assholes as the Left, and anyone can produce such a video.

I'd like to see the train of thought that makes you believe that it MUST be Trump who commissioned the video.

CenterPuke88 said...

Oh dear, B., to use your own words, “read for comprehension”. At no point does the Comrade accuse anyone other than the Trump Campaign. Apparently your need to defend Agent Orange has overcome your reading skills.

Dr Roy Tam said...

This isn’t the first time you’ve run to Trump’s defense before reading the post in question. Aren’t you able to learn from experience?

DTWND said...

Trump himself has endorsed roughing up dissenters at his political rallies. So, a doctored video showing a Trumpish character going postal on opponents, is disavowed by the campaign. And you try to argue false flag? C’mon.

Must be time to start investing in the aluminum foil hat industry.


B said...

Perhaps you should take your own advice:

To quote MS Misfit: "Does anyone seriously believe the denials of the Trump campaign or of his most loyal boot-lickers?"

I read the article. Did you?

I also responded to her statement.

Yer losing your rationality

Dr Roy Tam said...

She didn’t state that Trump himself was responsible, but that it fits a pattern of attacking any press that isn’t Fox News with violent imagery. If Obama’s campaign had released a video showing him attacking Fox News, you would’ve had a shit fit.