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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Walmart Hates the Poors

That is pretty clear when you look at the implications of Walmart's decision to stop selling all non-Fudd types of ammunition.

I'm not going to name the gun store that I went into a few months ago, but the cheapest .38 Special on the shelf was $20/box. $33 would get you a box of 100 at Walmart. $68 would buy a bulk pack of 250. So for just a less than a 250-round bulk pack, you'd pick up three boxes (150 rounds) at a gun shop. A similar price differential existed for 9mm.

That's good for the local gun shop. It's not so good for the guy who has an old Browning High Power or a Model 10 for whom a box of ammo is a non-trivial purchase.

But that's the thing about gun restrictions, they land, by design or default, on people with less means. The whole "Saturday Night Special" fracas of the 1960s was to make it harder for people at the lower levels of the economic period to own guns. The various ideas of the hoplophobes to require licensing, training and insurance are all pointing to the same goal: Make firearms ownership unaffordable for people who don't have discretionary income or time.

Those at the lower levels of the economic strata are often minorities. Imposing gun control regimes that land more heavily on minorities is no accident.

The CEO of Walmart, some clown appropriately named "McMillion", can afford to buy whatever his heart desires. Walmart would probably give him his own security detail if he asked. He doesn't give a shit if he makes it harder for those in suburban and rural America, who have problems sometimes making ends meet, to go pop off a box of practice ammo.

Sam Walton's probably spinning in his grave.


CenterPuke88 said...

Of course, that’s a market opportunity for someone...just saying.

Borepatch said...

Elites have always had contempt for the poor. The two-tiered "justice" system reinforces their high status. They can afford to pay expensive lawyers to get themselves off from charges that would send a normal schlub to jail. Examples include Hillary's email server and GW Bush's cocaine habit.

Rich folks who can pay for armed security (or get a carry permit because of political donations to big wig pols) are really no different from the kind of jackasses who ran the Roman Empire. "Progress", amirite?

CenterPuke88 said...

Borepatch, even earlier in the system, the cash bail system is designed to separate the two classes.

Dark Avenger said...

Hillary’s e-mail server became a thing because they couldn’t guarantee the security of the .gov servers in the first place. It was never hacked into, unlike the DNC and RNC servers.

Any other propaganda you want to release at this time, Borepatch?

bicoastalelite said...

Wellll, it seems that Walmart responded not only to outside pressure but also an organized push from their employees who don’t relish the thought of selling the bullets that are mowing them down at work. Wusses...