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Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Evidence is Clear: Trump Hates Muslims

As China locks a million-plus Uighurs into concentration camps and prisons and India aggressively seeks to declare millions of its Muslim citizens to be stateless non-persons, the most that one will hear out of the Trump Administration is mild tut-tuts.

Oh, sure, it's probably the official policy of the Trump Administration that they're only concerned about terrorism, that they don't hate all Muslims, but their inaction and radio silence about the blatant discrimination against millions of Muslims in Asia speaks volumes.

For if the people being discriminated against there Christians, you can bet your last farthing that Trump and Pence would be all over those situations. Not to mention that there would be wall-to-wall coverage on Fox News.

Then again, maybe not, as far as Fox News go. Rupert Murdoch seems to be solidly in the pocket of the Xi regime.


Stewart Dean said...

"Rupert Murdoch seems to be solidly in the pocket of the Xi regime." How not? He's an Australian, and they've got to be looking over their shoulder.

B said...

Not like it's being trumpeted on CBS/NBC/ABC either.

Do they hate Muslims as well?

Dr Roy Tam said...

CNN has, B. https://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2018/08/13/news-stream-intv-china-xinjiang-uyghur-detention-centres-ruahala-stout.cnn

Unlike Fox News, which is “fair and balanced”.

B said...

And unlike the rest, as well, apparently.

If they thought this was important, they'd be showing it as much as they did Kevin Hart's car crash.

But they didn't, did they?

They must hate Muslims as well. According to our gracious hostess, anyway.

Dr Roy Tam said...

Mmm, keep moving the goalposts, the exercise will do you some good.

B said...

Same goalposts in the same location as the first comment (8:43 AM).

That counterargument is long ago worn out. Try again.
Even better, try addressing the question I asked: If Trump not making commentary on the persecution in China makes him a Muslim hater, does the fact that the media didn't bring it up also make them Muslim haters?

Dr Roy Tam said...

Nope, CNN did it, so you just go to something else.

Besides, any sympathy for Muslims would be interpreted by people like you as being pro-terrorist in nature.

B said...

Nice diversion. And yer a pretty good dancer.

Did I mention CNN? Few watch it any more.

Again: Mainstream media . CBS, ABC, NBC>

of, for that matter, Fox.

Dr Roy Tam said...

Multiplatform Reach**: 2019-to-date, CNN reaches more people than any other cable news brand across TV and digital and reaches more people ages 25-54 and 18-34 than any other news brand across TV and digital. Out of Home Viewing: 2019-to-date in total day, CNN is averaging a +7.7% lift (+13k) among adults 25-54.

On the prime time news programming side – Cuomo Prime Time hosted by Chris Cuomo once again ranked as CNN’s No. 1 program in total viewers, while the 10 p.m. hour of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon was the top CNN program among adults 25-54.


Does better than Fox in the vital 25-54 demographic. Gee, I wonder why said demographic wouldn’t want to watch Fox.

B said...


Nice sidestepping.

Does the fact that the "Big Three" failed to tell us anything about the mistreatment of Muslims in China make them muslim haters?

Or are you gonna continue to dance? Just answer the question.

I could not give 2 shits about CNN. They wasted their brand long ago. The stats about how one program or another is CNN's top program doesn't mean anything to me. And their viewership is declining year after year.

But, again, answer the question.

Dark Avenger said...

CBS News, July 18th


NBC News, August 9th


ABC Nightline, August 29


You were saying?

B said...

So they DID do a segment on it.

I stand corrected.

But I still bet they spent more time on a LOT of other things. (Not moving the goalposts here,just pointing out that it isn't a priority for them any more than for Trump).

But, as I said, I stand corrected.

B said...

BTW, an honest question: How much of the videos in those links to the assorted websites were actually aired? There's no way the news did 5 7 or 8 minutes on it. Maybe NightLine did, but not the news.

I'm just wondering. It's one thing to put it on a wensite...but how much was actually aired> I am honestly asking.

Dark Avenger said...

The NBC segment is almost 2 minutes 56 seconds long. I don’t know what news show it was played on, but I’m sure that it was aired.
The CBS video is 4:52 in length, and it was aired on their morning show, judging by there being 2 co-anchors presenting the segment.

Still more than Fox News did on it, which, if you may remember was the original point of our gracious hostesses’ post in the first place. You are welcome to prove they are both fake news, if you can.