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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Trump Is Waiting for the Saudis to Tell Him What to Do

Trump wasn't so sold on the Saudis earlier:

Beyond the sheer horror of an American president putting the decision as to whether or not we go to war in the hand of a government that is not really friendly to us, ask yourself this: How much shit did they buy from Trump (condos, his yacht) to get him to roll over like a beaten puppy that Cadet Bone Spurs will go to war if Jared's BFF wants it?

I know of no treaty with the Saudis that commits the United States to go to war on their behalf. You may recall that Robert Gates, who was SecDef under both Bush-II and Obama, once said that the Saudis are willing to fight Iran to the last American. But here is Trump, once again, playing butt-monkey to an autocratic/theocratic regime.

He's going to wait for the Saudis to tell him what to do?

Does Saudi money buy our fealty? If they need to hire a mercenary force, why aren't they talking to Betsy DeVos's baby brother? So, for Saudi gold, Trump is going to hire out the U.S. military.

Congrats, all you future Gold Star mothers and father! Your kids died to keep Price Bone Saw safe.

We can't wait another sixteen months. Impeach this fucker!


pigpen51 said...

We need to stay out of the fight between the Saudis and Iran or whoever took out their oil facility. Not out dog, not our fight.

w3ski said...

As I understand it was the Houthi's that launched this. So here we are again it seems going for the Country of choice instead of the offending peoples. And, at the bequest and perhaps the direction of the Saudi's who should damn well be on their own.
Here we go again, blood and treasure for old men's egos.
And the very first thing is our Gas prices go up.
Makes me remember just how powerful Oil Companies are in this country.
It makes me wonder if Chevron or somebody, wasn't behind this whole thing.

Jim in Monroe said...

Unlike previous presidents, Trump has not gotten us into any new wars. He's trying to get us out of them.
I come here for the foreign policy expert opinions, written in soundbites based on who knows what.

The fear mongering here hasn't let up in 3 years. NK, Saudis, China, Iran. All heck is going to break out at any time so Trump can get rich(er). Not taking a paycheck is just showmanship I know.

If you really think Trump is taking orders from the Saudis, I have some sand to sell you.

Impeach him - 3 years looking for a crime. Any day now indictments are coming. Who'll be first - Dems or Trump?
Me? I'll be enjoying the next 5 years.

DTWND said...

Jim, your allegiance and loyalty to Trump is admirable. If your wife continually lied to you, verbally degraded relatives on your side of the family, dissed your friends, and associated with those who dislike you, would you still be as forgiving?


Jim in Monroe said...

I have no wife, no friends, no one likes me and my relatives are distant. Why do you ask.

Now if you replaced my wife with Obama, then no, I wouldn't be as forgiving, nor would I be so harsh as this site is on Trump. Trump has made America better, where as O made it worse. And if a Dem is elected in 2020, the country may not survive (if I may prognosticate like so many others do here).

Tod Germanica said...

Jim, you may like trump's policies, but in your heart you know he's a rich crooked megalomaniac nut. That's why he's so disliked. Here and elsewhere.

Tod Germanica said...

Per daily kos...

The fact that the drones' launch site remains unknown is bad news for the US fleet there, says dailykos, implies they were not tracked (and destroyed) by US defence as they should have been.
And that regional forces, whoever and wherever the launch 'country', can deploy even more capable weapons to threaten US/Arabic/Israeli forces supporting the Yemen war.

CenterPuke88 said...

The impact scarring does suggest inbounds from the WNW. The Saudi air defenses located to the SE tend to argue against a looping attack from Yemen to hide the origin point. However, we would do well to remember the vast and desolate spaces to the WNW where an attack could be staged and launched with very little chance of being noticed.

Iran involved, very good chance...Saudis involved, smaller, non-zero chance...Yemenis involved, minuscule chance. If it is the Iranians, it is likely the Revolutionary Guards doing the work, maybe even without approval...if it is the Saudis, the possibilities are endless.

I would say we need to sit this out for a while, or Donnie’s gonna get us into a war that will end as badly for the U.S. as the Roman mistreatment of the Visigoths ended for them.

pigpen51 said...

We have nothing to gain from a military involvement with Iran. I suspect that Iran is the one who did this attack, and I saw that Trump is planning on adding more sanctions. No more than that, though.