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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Memorial Day

Last year's post.

I'm timing this post for an hour before sunrise in my town. An hour before sunup was an unofficial time to attack an enemy encampment or town, in the hopes of catching your enemies still abed.

Andy Rooney had the right of it: They didn't "give their lives". Few soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen "give" up their lives. Their lives are taken from them, whether by force of arms or, as was more common up until several decades ago, by disease and pestilence.

Memorial Day, or, as it was once known, Decoration Day, was a solemn day to remember those who fought and died for my country. It was not meant to be the unofficial start of the Summer Vacation and Grilling Season.

Every congressman and senator who voted to make it a 3-day weekend, and every congressman and senator since then who has not tried their utmost to restore Memorial Day to May 30th, should be damned.

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