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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Obama Adopts the Aiken Plan for Afghanistan

During the Vietnam War, Senator George Aiken of Vermont reportedly said something along the lines of "We should declare victory and then leave."

Which is pretty much a thumbnail version of President Obama's plan:
President Obama declared Wednesday that the United States had largely achieved its goals in Afghanistan, setting in motion a timetable for the rapid withdrawal of American troops in an acknowledgement of the shifting threat in the region and fast-changing political and economic landscape in a war-weary America.
Mark Twain was right: The past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.

One thing is clear: George W. Bush and Torturer Dick fell right into Osama bin Ladin's trap of bleeding this nation economically.


Nangleator said...

He took the opening, which was wise.

Don't know why he's flirting with the law in order to displease the majority of congress in Libya. He should have dropped that hot potato on them, and been absolved of the atrocities he's trying to stop.

Better to let an empty airplane crash into a city on its own, than shoot it down and have it land on even a mailbox. The world having lawyers and such.

montag said...

To repeat, the Aiken plan said "We should declare victory and then leave." Most people woild think that means by the end of the year.

Three years down the road is more like the Nixon plan.