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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Biggest Non-News Story of the Day; Flip-Flop Mitt Edition

Willard Mitt Romney announced that he is running for president.

This announcement is about as newsworthy as a sunrise. Mitt the Flip-Flopper has been running for president since the day it became apparent that the McCain presidential campaign had cratered.

Romney has no political soul. He is like a stalk of wheat, he bends with the wind. He was a supporter of strong gun control laws when he was running for governor of Massachusetts, he signed a gun control law in 2004 making the Brady AR ban permanent in Massachusetts. Of course now, you can bet the horse you rode in on that Romney is saying that he is a 2nd Amendment supporter. He was pro-choice, though being a self-described 2nd Amendment supporter and supporting the Brady Ban is like being in favor of censorship and the 1st Amendment. He was for gay rights; when he was running against Ted Kennedy for the Senate, he pledged to be "more effective" than Teddy on the issue.

But ol' Flip-Flop Mitt began moving away from those positions when he realized that he could not both run for re-election as governor of Massachusetts in `06 and be a viable candidate for president in `08. So he threw away all of those long-held stances as though they were used tissues.

Romney doesn't believe in a damned thing, other than his personal ambition. He'd shoot his dog and then convert to Satanism if he saw a net gain in votes from doing so.

Anyone who votes for Flip-Flop Mitt because they like his stance on any issue is a fool.


Anonymous said...

This has an interesting take on his soul:


BobG said...

I don't know anyone of either party who trusts him; he's a douchebag.