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Saturday, August 21, 2010

You Have To Wonder How the "Ground Zero Mosque" Controversy is Playing on al-Jazeera

Really. Think about how it must be playing. Think of how it must play across the Arabic language media when they air translated rants against Islam by former Speaker Gingrich, former Mayor Giuliani and former 1/2-term Governor Palin, to mention just a few. Think about how it is playing across the Muslim nations from Morocco to Indonesia.

All those politicians from the Confederate party ranting about Islam and taking positions on mosque locations from "not here" to "not nowhere". All of those politicians from the Democratic party who are lacking the courage to stand up for a basic core American principle: Freedom of religion.

Think of how that plays into the hands of our enemies. Think of how they must be saying: "The Americans tell you that `we respect all religions', but look at their actions. Muslims across America are being told that they cannot have mosques where American law says that they have a right to have a mosque. It is all an American lie, for they truly hate you, my brothers and sisters."

So then ask yourself why the Confederate party so hates this country that they are eager to run the risk of creating many more enemies and further souring the view of America held by a billion people, all so that they can gain some illusory short-term political benefit.

The Internet has destroyed the notion that one can talk to one's supporters alone. The Confederate party's xenophobia is playing out on a world stage, as is the Democratic party's cowardice.

We will reap a bitter harvest from what the politicians of the Confederacy are sowing today. You can bet on it.


dinthebeast said...

Maybe I have a bad attitude, but it seems to me that those confederate bastards would like nothing better than a terror attack. They like war. They believe major national security freakouts benefit them politically. Apparently they don't believe it will be them that gets blown up. Or something. People don't just go away and stop existing because you don't like them. In fact, they seem to get more persistant when you make them hate you. Good manners are for the smart, not the weak.

-Doug in Oakland

The Glenn Beck Review said...

I just quoted your final paragraph I'm posting tonight about Confederate Beck's opposition to this mosque.

darrelplant said...

Wonder no more:

U.S. Anti-Islam Protest Seen as Lift for Extremists

WASHINGTON — Some counterterrorism experts say the anti-Muslim sentiment that has saturated the airwaves and blogs in the debate over plans for an Islamic center near ground zero in Lower Manhattan is playing into the hands of extremists by bolstering their claims that the United States is hostile to Islam.

Opposition to the center by prominent politicians and other public figures in the United States has been covered extensively by the news media in Muslim countries. At a time of concern about radicalization of young Muslims in the West, it risks adding new fuel to Al Qaeda’s claim that Islam is under attack by the West and must be defended with violence, some specialists on Islamic militancy say.

Joe said...

They do not appear, in the English-language version, to be making a big deal out of it. Lots of very even-handed comments like, "Interestingly, support for the project is stronger among those who will actually live near it."

Comrade Misfit said...

Joe, the real question is what is airing on the Arabic-language channels.

Distributorcap said...


you are dead on right - while we are trying to win support in afghanistan (for that endless unwinnable war) - they are watching douchebags like palin and rudy trash their religion - in a country that professes freedom of religion

real smart

Greendayman said...

Hi EBM, I did ask myself why the confederate party hates this country and the answer that crawled from under the republican slimy truth rock was that Peace cuts into M.I.C. profit. Defense manufacturing is about the only manufacturing we have left thanks to 30 years of conservative econ. policy (as we all know). Behind the rhetoric is always an 'effin big pile of cash. It's all about the money with them. They don't have a patriotic bone in their short-term focused ideology. IMHO. -g

And thanks very much for your support on my home front. Muchly appreciated.

Ricky Shambles said...

Great post - ironically, the Repub push on keeping "enemies" away from ground zero has the implicit function of translated audio for the best terrorist recruitment film evar. And then, when we are attacked, it will be Obama's fault. Even though 9/11 was rarely if ever pinned directly on Bush himself.