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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What the Fuck?

Does anyone know why the government is objecting to the Koreans selling their old Garands on the US market?

You have to wonder if any of the numbskulls objecting have ever held, much less fired, a Garand. It is a big, heavy, obsolete rifle. You can't saw down the barrel, the gas port is right at the end. It only holds eight rounds and there is no way, absent the attention of a really skilled machinist, to modify it to hold any more than that.  They're "terrorist rifles" only in the minds of the liberal-analogue of the typical Fox News viewer.  Your self-respecting terrorist would laugh at being handed a Garand, not when he could buy an AK-47 semi-auto knock-off for $500 or so and also buy a boatload of 30-round magazines.  Hell, they could buy an  SKS for $300 or so.

This crap about not importing Garands back makes no sense whatsoever; importers can bring in a few hundred thousand Mosin-Nagants with no requirement to do anything other than to deface them with some huge-ass ugly import stamp on them, but they can't bring back our own rifles of the same era?  Of course, since it makes no sense, this is probably a decision from the chowderheads of the ATF.

(If they do come on the market at $220 per unit, they'd have to be completely trashed to not be worth at least that.)



BadTux said...

But... but... it's a military rifle! State of the art -- for 70 years ago!

Like you, I'm baffled. Your average .30-06 deer rifle is just as suited as a "terrorist rifle" (just ask Charley Whitman), with same ammo and magazine capacity and similar rate of fire and probably better accuracy, and looks more threatening than the Garand, which looks like a big hunka wood with a couple metal bits sticking out. My Great-Uncle Denny had a M1 Garand that demob'ed (illegally) with him from service after WW2, and it was a beautiful rifle... but when he went deer-hunting, he grabbed his regular hunting rifle, because the Garand was just too clumsy and antiquated to be as good as killing as his .30-06 deer rifle.

But then, who said that Democrats have to make any more sense than Repugnicans? Siiiigh! We are ruled by morons...

- Badtux the Moron-observin' Penguin

Comrade Misfit said...

I used to go deer-hunting with a Garand. It was really nice for crappy-weather hunting and it wasn't as though I was going to be taking any 400 yard shots.

But indeed, the morons still are in charge.

Anonymous said...

Another thought - perhaps the DCM want to protect their ever-rising M-1 price base? They used to have pretty solid connections with the gov folks. . .

Eck! said...

I don't get it. The M1 Garand was considered one of the best battle rifles America ever designed and fielded.

Ah thats it.. they are afraid of people getting a real rifle instead of those worked over .308 squirrel guns.



Cujo359 said...

I can only surmise that there's someone on the GOP and Democratic donor list who's making money from domestic Garand sales.

Comrade Misfit said...

Eck, the .308's nothing to sneeze at. It's a legitimate 1,000 yard cartridge. True, the .30-06 will throw the same weight bullet with a tad bit more oomph, maybe 5% or so faster, but the difference is maybe an inch or two of drop at 500 yards.

I'd not turn my nose up at a good .308 rifle, that's for sure.

BadTux said...

Not to mention that there's still plenty of .30-06 hunting rifles being sold. Not *everybody* has moved over to the .308's, despite them being "trendy"...

-Badtux the Well-armed (flippered?) Penguin