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Friday, October 13, 2017

The Casual Ignorance of Donald Trump

Neither Trump nor his Energy Secretary (Rick "I look smarter with glasses" Perry) know that the U.S. Virgin Islands are American territory.

One has to wonder how far into the pools of ignorance Trump has to take the government before the Republicans realize that they are being indelibly stained by Trump as The Party of Stupid.


Pretzelogic in Philly, PA said...

FYI, Comrade: the link above takes us to a story about the asswipe of Asheville, presumably not the one you intended.

And, fwiw, I'm pretty sure the Gang of Putin had a pretty solid lock on being the "Party Of Stupid" well before Trumpsky became their standard bearer.

In fact, iirc, the phrase was coined by former GOP Goobernor Booby Jingo (who had no reticence about pandering to the low-information base aka "Y'all Quaida") in specific reference to his OWN party.

Comrade Misfit said...

Sorry. Fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.

B said...

THing is, while Trump may well be ignorant the Republicans have already coverd themselves with stains.

Therre may soon not be a Republican Party as we know it. They've disappointed too many of their supporters. Trump can hardly hurt them more than they have hurt themselves.

And, again, the only reason Trump won was that they (the RNC) gave us dishonest people, milquetoasts and other losers as a choice....and the other side (DNC) ran Hillary, a venal and corrupt politician, as his opponent.

Comrade Misfit said...

Hillary would have been far better for the Republicans. She couldn't have done anything and the GOP would have gotten far stronger in the midterms.

dinthebeast said...

Well, the last time a major party imploded we got the out-and-proud racists called the Know Nothings, so perhaps there is some sort of cycle going on?

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

Yeah, but Hillary, while making the Republicans stronger, would have completed the destruction of America started by Barry in his "Fundamental Transformation".

And that, of course, assumes she didn't simply sell it out to the highest bidder first.

Stewart Dean said...

The Party of Stupid, ah yes. Problem is (and growing up in the South would give you the full flavor of it) stupid people can be proud of it, in-your-face stomp-your-candy-smart-ass proud of it. There is even a Southern adjective, said a particular way, for it which lands hard on the first syllable: iggggggnorant. The sort of dumb people that bully on the playground and grow up to swerve to run over turtles.

As Putney Swope said long ago, "I ain't gonna rock this boat, I'm gonna sink it".

Now. How is it that you think the GOP becoming branded as the Party of Stupid will sink them?

Ten Bears said...

Yeah, but Hillary ...

That the best you got, boy?

B said...

Tommie Ten Beers:

Read for comprehension perhaps?

And, again, why you gotta be an ass all the time?

I sincerely doubt you would act like such a belligerent ass if we were face to face.

Our hostess has asked that we be polite. Most here are. Why can't you?

CenterPuke88 said...

B., it's you with your standard "read for comprehension" jab, which is your go to response when someone tears down your point with a simple note, who is being belligerent here. His "boy" comment pricked you, as evidenced by your use of "Tommie"...which should show you how others may feel about similar categorization...and he simply pointed out all you got is "Hillary". Who's deranged now?

B said...

Cp: I didn't start it. I simply asked why he has to.

If you read, I pointed out that both Donnie and the RNC are damaging the Republican party. So "Hillary" isn't "All I got".

"Boy", in the way it was used, is an insult. Thomas has a history of being insulting without provocation. I simply asked why. And pointed out that our hostess has asked us to be polite. Which, with few exceptions, the rest of us are.

How come you have to defend him every time? I find that fact interesting...And the question stands. How come he always starts by being an insulting ass?

Ten Bears said...

I promise you, were we face to face I would not be as polite at I strive to be.

You are a troll and should be treated thus.

Dark Avenger said...

B, once you start sounding like the comment section of Free Republic with the asinine name calling, you've forfeited all pretense at an exchange of ideas, and increasingly resemble a dog growling and baring their teeth.

B said...

DA: Again, I didn't start with the insults. Nor was I trolling. I do believe that we got Trump only because both parties gave unpalatable alternatives.

I understand that anything I say you will be unable to read clearly because you hate me and all that for which I stand (Or at least what you THINK I stand for) but that is ok. Doesn't change the reality.

TTB: If you think you could get away with that sort of rudeness in person, I will welcome you to try. I think you resemble some of the childish Keyboard Kommandos that I have encountered over the years.

Dark Avenger said...

You sound like a five-year old child.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., I read your posts and comments on your blog. Suggesting that you are the voice of reason seems strained.

Hope the weather improved so you could get some time in thou, and you should see if either Indy Center or Chicago Center offers "Operation Raincheck"...let's pilots visit and learn.

LRod said...

I call Rule No. 1 violation.

Comrade? Your rule. There was a blessed week which ended a few days ago in which we didn't have ravings of right wing foolishness to suffer. I had supposed you had taken out the trash. I guess not. Too bad. I'm not the only one who sees it and calls it.

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired

Comrade Misfit said...

Red cards to everybody.

Jesus fucking Christ, people, you're all better than this.

This thread is done.