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Friday, April 11, 2014

The South

Yes, this is an old quote, but I think it is a good one:
Don't get me wrong--some of my best friends are Southerners. But to tell you the truth, I've had it with the fucking South already. Some people are complaining about Al Gore being a sore loser, not knowing when to quit--hey, the South got its ass handed to it a hundred and fifty years ago, and they're still bellyaching about it, saying "save your Confederate dollars," and "The South Shall Rise Again," etc. It's just pathetic. You never hear anyone up here talking about the glorious Battle of Chattahoochee or Second Molasses or wherever. For me, the last straw was this thing about their refusing to take down the Confederate flag flying over the South Carolina state house. Like, shouldn't they sort of have to? I mean, didn't they lose the war? The Germans don't get to fly the swastika over the Reichstag anymore. Even the goddamned Nazis can admit it when they're beat! Would it be too much for the South just to stand up and admit it: "Yes, it was about slavery, and we were wrong, and we lost."?
And the artist's comments here, as well.

This sort of bears on my last post, which should also depress the living shit out of you.


Unknown said...

I grew up in North Florida (i.e., the Southern part). I got the hell out of there as soon as I was legal (though admittedly by enlisting in the military, which might not even be considered leaving the South in any meaningful sense). I don't have much emotional attachment to 'Dixie'; its politics are embarrassing at best and its religion legitimately terrifying. My adopted region, assuming I ever repatriate, will be the Pacific Northwest.

But some of this guy's rant still rubbed me the wrong way, go figure. I knew things were about to go pear-shaped when he said ' ... some of my best friends are Southerners.' I've heard that 'best friends' disclaimer come from so many frothing bigots that it makes me hope he's using it ... what's the hipster term? Ironically?

And longing for Civil War II, complete with strategic nukes? If he's joking, his sense of humor is even nastier than mine. If he's serious, he's delusional. Finally, if he ever did get his wish, it would be interesting to see whether he'd rush down to the recruiting center or suddenly discover 'other priorities'.

Some of his caricatures are so borderline-realistic it's scary, though. He's also dead right about the morbid Confederate flag fetish, and about the widespread delusion, south of the line, that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. So there is that.

NorCal said...

I also read his post from February 8, 2013 - "Guns Are for Pussies".

He gets an emotional response that doesn't worry much about reason.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Take a look at the economic engines that are Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, and Nashville. Compare to Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Newark.

The South did win.