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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CIA's Opinion on MH370 Disappearance Means Absolutely Nothing

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency said on Tuesday intelligence officials could not rule out terrorism as a factor in the disappearance of a Malaysian Airlines plane.
A couple of careers back, I occasionally went to briefings that were given by someone in the "intelligence community". The one thing that was consistent across all of those briefings was that trying to elicit a firm opinion from the briefer was like trying to nail a blob of mercury to the ceiling. They never ever gave opinions.

Oh, they'd tell you what they thought the capabilities of a T-80 tank or a Sovremenny-class destroyer was, but good luck trying to find out anything about tactics or readiness. If you asked if the Soviets would use them for interstellar warfare, they'd demur.

Hell, if you asked the CIA if it's possible that MH370 was grabbed by the Romulans, they'd tell you that they can't rule it out.

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Professor Chaos said...

Is this the same CIA that said that Putin would totally not invade Crimea? And didn't foresee the Berlin Wall coming down? I wouldn't trust the CIA to tell me last night's baseball scores.