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Monday, August 2, 2021

Good Work, Gov. DuhSantis

Compared to:

Way to go, Death-Santis!


Paul said...

I am in Florida.

My county is one of those deep purple hotspots of "OMFG COVID IS EVERYWHERE."

We are not doing anything to lock down public places or mandate masks. Granted, our Publix and WalMart stores are going to insist, but I guarantee you the MAGA whiners are going to throw Karen fits that they have the FREEDOM to cough on everybody like they've done since 2020.

For the love of GOD, WalMart closed a St. Cloud store yesterday because 30 workers tested positive.

I may be fully vaccinated but I don't want this pandemic on me, I'm still a high-risk diabetic with breathing issues.

DeSantis is running around as though he beat COVID. GODDAMN HIM, COVID is winning right now...

Jimmy T said...

I recently heard someone comparing DeSantis to Satan. Yes he is evil, but certainly not as evil as DeSantis...

Tod Germanica said...

But will the voters of Florida notice the mass sickness, suffering and death and blame DeSantis and vote him out of office? Signs point to 'never happen, GI'. Nuke the Sunshine State from orbit, it's the only safe solution. Anybody still alive and not insane needs to flee to Maine or some still sane area. It will be plenty warm and nice all year round pretty soon in New England for those old bones.

Eck! said...

I pondered this....

I suspect among some there is a feeling of can't happen to me.
They think because they made it this far and are healthy
(as far as they know) its no big deal.

Add to that they easily buy into the lies and false stories
that are pervasive, repetition makes it true.

Then they get ill or die. Sad.


Stewart Dean said...

Florida has 20% of the nation's Covid cases. The winnuh and still the chump!

Stewart Dean said...

I wonder what will happen in that Trump-loving retirement community of The Villages.
Franklin: "Experience is a dear [expensive] school, but fools will learn at no other."

dan gerene said...

They seem to be willfully ignorant. The Detroit TV stations have been pushing for vaccinations since they were available and showing people or their families who are in serious trouble because of the virus. They seem to be like the people who refuse to wear seat belts saying they will put them on just before the collision.

Borepatch said...

I live in Florida, and the situation on the ground is nothing like your maps claim. I don't know where the data behind them comes from but someone is pulling your leg.

You would expect a much higher death rate for Florida because there are so many elderly retirees ("God's Waiting Room"). You don't. I'm not a doctor so I'm not sure why this is (maybe everyone is outside a lot wearing shorts and so get a lot of Vitamin D?) but you simply do not see elevated death rates in Florida.

Divemedic (an ER nurse down here) has a couple of pertinent posts on this:

The fatalities are concentrated in the over 80 year old demographic (as you would expect): https://areaocho.com/covid-news/

And the political weirdness in Florida is wrapped around the trial attorneys, not Gov. Desantis: https://areaocho.com/hospital-update/

Comrade Misfit said...

So the stories that Covid hospitalizations set a new FL record and FL is leading the nation in per-capital hospitalizations are bullshit?

Borepatch said...

That data doesn't jive with published data I've seen (for example, the article says 1500 hospitalizations/day but it looks like the state average is ~5500 occupied hospital beds each day).


Borepatch said...

Also, the Florida Covid deaths per day doesn't look out of whack compared to recent weeks:


However, this won't sell many newspapers, so I see why the AP had a more sensational story.

Dark Avenger said...

Meanwhile, the delta coronavirus surge continues. On Wednesday, Florida recorded 20,133 new cases, its second-highest daily total of new cases in the entirety of the pandemic. The Sunshine State accounted for 22 percent of new cases detected in the US yesterday, despite making up just 6.5 percent of the country's population. Today, a record-high of 12,888 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 in the state. It is the fourth straight day of record-breaking hospitalizations.

Florida is also reporting the highest numbers of new cases in children than any other state, with a total of 135 children under 18 currently in the hospital. An analysis by the Miami Herald determined that, while cases are spiking in every age group in the state, the steepest increase is seen in those ages 12 and under, who are not eligible for vaccination.


Y’all got 22% of all American cases.

Please don’t urinate on my shoes and tell us it’s raining.