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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Criminal Insanity; GOP Ed.

The Republican party is the Party of Death:

As coronavirus cases and hospitalizations surged in Alabama, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., mentioned the state’s lowest-in-the-nation vaccination rate at a political fundraiser, eliciting cheers from the audience in a video posted this week.

Days after the video surfaced, the state’s health leader said officials have tossed out more than 65,000 coronavirus vaccines that expired, citing low demand that experts have partly attributed to the politicization of the vaccine. Alabama has the lowest vaccination rate in the country, followed closely by Mississippi, according to data compiled by The Washington Post.

In the video from the Alabama Federation of Republican Women fundraiser July 23, Greene suggested people take up arms against volunteers promoting coronavirus vaccines through door-to-door outreach, to which the crowd applauded and laughed.

We are at a point in this pandemic where we might as well call this the Republican Pandemic, with the Delta variant termed the Republican variant. ICUs in the South are filling up because of crazies like Greene, who seem to be doing little more than parrotting Russian propaganda.

The party that has spend decades claiming to champion the rights of fetuses uper alles now has turned their backs on the children who are filling up pediatric ICUs. They're very happy to claim the right to dictate to women what they do with their bodies, but when it comes to their own bodies, whether it's getting vaccinated or wearing a facemask, they start screaming "muh rights".

This pandemic has shown, once again, when it comes to children, Republicans don't give a shit about them after they're born.


Jimmy T said...

But I am a friend of the fetus,
A friend of incomparable worth
I am a friend of the fetus,
Right up to the moment of birth.

(Carol Rose Livingstone)

Tod Germanica said...

It would seem political suicide to encourage your dimwitted cultists to refuse a lifesaver and safe vaccine but here we are. Especially since the GQP demographics show an elderly party already in trouble attracting voters and unable to make up the shortage by recruiting more authoritarian, racist, mysoginist, elderly white men. I have to guess the treason party has given up on getting the most votes and from here out is counting on straight voter suppression and cheating to 'win', like a common Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. And since the traditionally conservative Supremes are now mostly Trumpite in politics this could work to complete the fascist coup they want. Or not, depending on how hard the Democratic majority is incentivized to GOTV, resist the traitor's Russian subversion and hit the streets when the coup plotters try again. In every single election from here on out. Because once more in power the party of Putin will not be leaving.

dinthebeast said...

And meanwhile if you have a stroke or a broken bone, good luck getting a hospital bed.

-Doug in Sugar Pine