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Thursday, October 22, 2015

DiFi is Little More Than Evil Incarnate

Her latest idea is a law that would encourage Internet companies to share their customers' data with the Stasi and then immunize those companies from legal consequences if their upset customers find out about it.

Californians, you owe the nation an apology for sending her to Washington. DiFi has never met a freedom that she doesn't despise or a right that she doesn't want to eliminate.



Old NFO said...

Between her and Feinstein... sigh

3383 said...

I have always voted for Feinstein's opponent. The Governator might've unseated a lady Democrat here, if he hadn't screwed the pooch. I mean, the maid. And himself.

dinthebeast said...

I have repeatedly apologized for her on the state's behalf, and I just read that a majority of Californians want her to retire...

-Doug in Oakland

D. said...

dinthebeast: So the wrong Senator is retiring?

dinthebeast said...

Pretty much. Kamala Harris replacing Di Fi would make me happier, but if Barbara Boxer wants to retire, she probably has her reasons.

-Doug in Oakland