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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wasn't There Supposed to be an Invasion of Texas?

Jade Helm 15 ended yesterday.

No doubt the tinfoil-hat crowd is onto their next bit of conspiracy/wackaloon frenzy. They probably believe that the only thing standing in the way of a military takeover was a bunch of fat-assed white guys who had their tricked-out bargain-basement ARs all ready to take on the 101st Airborne.


Nangleator said...

They'll never figure out our nefarious plan... we left them in the care of, and led by... OTHER TEXANS JUST LIKE THEM!!

An almost inconceivably terrible punishment for their stupidity!

Marc said...

While they're rah rah about using drones against brown folk in other countries, they don't realize drones don't care about borders or country of origin. Why use the 101 Airborne against the 101 Chairborne? Drones can do the job, with their operators safely out of gun range by a couple of states...

3383 said...

The Feds didn't invade because of the vigilance of those brave Texans.