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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Snubbies Don't Suck

At seven yards with a S&W 442, using Tam's target*, printed onto a sheet of copy paper:

Yes, that's slow, deliberate fire using the iron sights. I wasn't trying to hurry things along. Still, I think that's pretty good for a 2" barrel with a DAO trigger.

UPDATE: Two range sessions, probably 40 rounds of standard-pressure, total, and I can feel soreness in my gripping hand from the recoil. I might make up some mouse-fart loads for practice with it. This gun is definitely not a range toy.
*No, I didn't get the damned thing exactly circular when I printed it out.  So sue me.


Will said...

You are planning on pocket carry, but to expand your options, take a look at Ken Null holsters. He has a couple of flexible plastic shoulder rigs. One is an angle rig with a sort of pull through to release design, the other is a vertical muzzle up rig. The gun hangs by the front of the triggerguard. You lift up maybe a half inch, and then twist to pop the snap open with the guard. Muzzle sits just in front of the shoulder joint, so barrel length isn't normally a problem. Both holsters are very secure. The gun isn't coming out until you want it to.

Sport Pilot said...

Good. You did your due diligence & made an informed acquisition. The S&W J frame often benefits from a Wolff Spring kit BTW.

Pakkinpoppa said...

What a coincidence.
I shot my 442 on Saturday, only 50 rounds as I also had shotgun, TD Ten 22, 22-45, and Block along to both fire and...well, eventually clean. I hadn't fired the 442 yet, but did about that well with it. Makes a good friend for the 642 and 438 I already have. They are not toys...or plinkers...and you do know when it has been fired.

un AUTiSTA DiSLÉXiCO said...
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Comrade Misfit said...

Seven yards.

un AUTiSTA DiSLÉXiCO said...

I just erased, saw the SEVEN YARDS at the begining, thank you & hasta la vista!