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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shorter LAPD: "We're Sorry We Shot You, Here's a New Truck."

Magnanimous, eh?

Oh, the LAPD promises to investigate why their cops shot up the newspaper ladies' truck, including shooting a 71 year old woman twice in the back.

No prizes for guessing the outcome of that investigation.

Say one thing for the LAPD: They've managed to do a pretty good job of convincing the world that Dorner had a legitimate beef with the Department. (Which doesn't excuse killing the daughter of a retired cop and her fiancé, regardless of his complaint with the cop.)

UPDATE: This didn't take long for someone to do:


Old NFO said...

LAPD is just trying to kill the lawsuit they KNOW is coming...

Comrade Misfit said...

Giving them a new truck won't eve begin to do it. And it is interesting that the Torrance PD hasn't given a new truck to the guy whose truck they shot up and crashed into, or offered anything to the lady who owns the Acura SUV that caught a lot of the strays from that shooting.

Old NFO said...

OF course not CM, 'that' would set a bad precedent (like taking responsibility)...

Comrade Misfit said...

We simply cannot have that, can we? The bureaucrats would crap their drawers at the notion of taking responsibility.

BadTux said...

Assuming the ladies are insured by State Farm with full coverage, which is a pretty good assumption (they have the best rates for clean driving records here in California and the truck looked fairly new meaning the lender would require full coverage), the LAPD's insurance company would automatically end up paying for a new truck for the ladies anyhow because if they didn't, State Farm would end up tearing them a new asshole. Here in California the insurance companies basically determine liability when there is an auto loss, not the cops (though the cops' report is used as part of the determination and of course a lawsuit can overturn the determination), and there is no argument that the LAPD is 100% responsible for this auto loss and the LAPD's insurer won't even whisper a word of dissent for fear of annoying State Farm. You don't want to annoy State Farm in California. State Farm is the 900 pound gorilla of auto insurers here, and if you're another insurer and you annoy State Farm, suddenly all your claims against State Farm customers get fought with all the force and vigor of State Farm's crack litigation team. If you think the LAPD is brutal, State Farm's litigation team makes the LAPD look like friggin' Cub Scouts, they tear assholes new ones before lunch then stick their feet so far up the assholes's rears after lunch that said asshole has boot sticking out from between his teeth. Playing asshole with State Farm is a sure-fired way to die if you're a California insurer.

So yeah, it's magnanimous of the LAPD to say they're gonna do something that their insurer is gonna automatically do anyhow. Wow. How... caring... of them. Not!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Nangleator said...

He'd be on his way to becoming a folk hero if it wasn't for the "killing the daughter of a retired cop and her fiancé."

The police force looking for him still has the lead in crazy and reckless, though.

w3ski said...

How much money do they pay for the two rounds the old lady took in the back? Crap.
I can picture it down at the hospital: "Yea, just put it on the LAPD's account."
Looks like some cops shoulda took the day off instead of going on a manhunt.