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Monday, February 4, 2013

My Ears Are Burning

It’s tempting to get overly curmudgeonly about these things and shun all modern enhancements and go back to shooting a K-Frame, 870 and a Garand (although you’re certainly not totally unarmed if you choose to do so), but the new hotness will make your life easier if you fit your gear to your requirements and not the other way around.

OK, the shotgun is a Mossberg 500, not a Remington 780. Though, true, one of the Model-10s does have a bit of the "new hotness" in that it has a CT-lasergrip.

1 comment:

w3ski said...

Yea, Mossbergs do the work well. A laser grip on your .38 too? Cool.
I'm saving for a M1A1 (m14) but at my rate the kids will inherit my current arsenal before I get there.
I do have a .357 marlin lever action. I can see why the old 32.20 and 44.40's were so popular. It doesn't like factory mag loads much, pressures make it hard to open the action to eject, but I tailored a real nice mid range load for it.
Wouldn't want to go into 'battle' with it but it does carry and shoot really well.
I need to stock up on 140 gr jhp's for it, I got a lot of brass to fill.
I had an old 32.20 once but this things reaches out farther with more oomph.