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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise


Compare the engines to those on the E-8, posted a week ago.

The KC-135 is an earlier airframe than the 707. Boeing had proposed basing the 707 on the KC-135, but the airlines didn't want it, because it could only handle five-across seating (2+3) in coach. Boeing widened the 707 to accommodate 3+3 seating and the rest is history.

Convair went with 2+3 seating for the CV-880, which is why Convair made 65 880s (and 37 990s). Boeing made over 1,000 707s and variations thereof, plus over 800 KC-135s.


bearsense said...

Nice three ship MITO photographed from "Spy corner."
You could often see cars with diplomatic plates parked there. Especially when the SR-71 was operating
Or when our EC-135s would fly.

w3ski said...

Is this what they convert for firefighting? I've seen a converted plane with a huge pump nozzle stuck out a hole in the door.
I can imagine that is more effective than a helicopter dump bucket.

Tod Germanica said...

Here's Tex Johnson's full roll and chandelle "selling airplanes" during 707 demos, "a safe 1 G maneuver". His boss said not to do that anymore.

In-flight refuelling set US flyers above the world for a time in force projection but that's over in these AA missile days. Not to mention the probable loss of US Air supremacy or superiority from the terrible turkey F-35. KC-135s look even more vulnerable than aircraft carriers.

US military aviation seems hyped up. I'm close to Beale's flight path and am seeing more U-2s lately; saw that marine killer Osprey demi-plane too, a first for my planespotting.

3383 said...

Tod, I don't think the F-35 is that bad, but I wish someone had remembered the F-111.
(The F-35 is also not as spectacular as the LockMart shills insist).

Comrade Misfit said...

w3ski, I think they use converted 747s and DC-10s for firefighting. I don't imagine they're significantly more expensive to run than a 707, same crew size. And they put a lot more gallonage on the target.

deadstick said...

Also P-2, Electra, BAe-146 and of course the purpose-built CL-415...and the last remaining Martin Mars still flies occasionally.