Saturday, October 1, 2022

I Wonder What This Song Sounds Like in Russian

And sung by Gospodin Putler:


  1. Mearsheimer broke a logjam some months ago:

    This is a good brief on the lead up to the current game state.

    This is a deep dive from the Russian point of view:

    None you were probably taught this history.

  2. My understanding is that the Ukrainians were never considered to be Russians by the Russians themselves. They were the “Khokholy”, which roughly translates to “tufties”, something like a cowlick. A corollary would be Manhattenites regarding Kentuckians as hillbillies. During times when the Russians controlled Ukraine, the Ukrainians were discriminated against and millions of them were starved to death by the Soviet Russians in the 1930s.

    If Ukrainians ever felt affinity towards the Russians, that ended this year, forever.

  3. Rus is Swedish for rower is it not? Some symmetries of color too:


    Haydn wrote a tune back in the day:


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