Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Republicans are Either Stupid as Fuck or Hypocrites. There is no Third Choice.

Over eight hours last Thursday night and into Friday morning, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California hit on many issues as he spoke on the House floor in an unsuccessful effort to thwart House passage of President Biden’s social safety net and climate change bill. But among his most audacious assertions was that Mr. Biden was to blame for the country’s failure to quell the pandemic.

Mr. McCarthy used this line of attack even as members of his own Republican Party have spent months flouting mask ordinances and blocking the president’s vaccine mandates, and the party’s base has undermined vaccination drives while rallying around those who refuse the vaccine. Intensive care units and morgues have been strained to capacity by the unvaccinated, a demographic dominated by those who voted last year for President Donald J. Trump

Republicans are against getting vaccinated. They are against mask mandates. They are against social distancing. They are against every possible measure that can be taken to fight the pandemic.

But it's Biden's fault that the pandemic isn't over? Any Republican who buys that line of shit has to have an IQ significantly below room temperature.

Republicans are the sort of people who would jump off a cliff and then blame the Democrats for their foolishness (before they were dashed on the rocks below).

More than 90% of Democrats have been vaccinated. Less than 60% of Republicans have been vaccinated. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the polical affiliation of most of the people filling the COVID ICU wards these days.


  1. Yeah, Kevin's district, at the south end of the central valley, is a low vaccine area that is overrunning ICUs with covid patients. It's even worse to the north, and our district, Tom the fuck McClintock's, is worse off still.
    That said, two weeks ago I got the Moderna booster while shopping at Vons, in 15 minutes and with a coupon for 10% off my grocery purchase.

    -Doug in Sugar Pine

  2. The NYTimes has a feature piece on why "Everybody's moving to TX"
    My comment there:
    Got to be said, Texas is a great place to be a Republican. Why it's moving not only to a place but back in time to the early 1950s. For the cultural troglodyte it's got racism, misogyny, religion from the 1800s, suppression of those bothersome colored peoples, political corruption, rigged markets and elections... the list goes on and on. What's not to like for a Republican?

  3. I got the 3rd, booster, shot today by chance at Walmart. Tiny needle, do pushups while waiting the required 15 minutes so no bicep pain. Free too. I'm planning on getting a massage soon. Gotta live for the moment.

  4. Most are stupid as fuck - fuckin' nutters too - with a fair amount of craven hypocrisy in the leadership.


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