Saturday, November 20, 2021

Affluenza is Still a Thing

Christopher Belter, 20, pleaded guilty to third-degree rape, attempted sexual abuse and two counts of second degree sexual abuse involving four teenage girls in an 18-month span at parties inside his family's mansion in Lewiston, New York, not far from Niagara Falls. He faced eight years in prison.

But Judge Matthew Murphy ruled that "incarceration … isn't appropriate" and Belter would be sentenced to eight years of probation

As one of the victim's lawyers put it:

If Belter didn't come from an affluent family, the outcome would have been much different, MM's attorney, Steven Cohen, told CBS News.

"I've been a trial lawyer for over 30 years," Cohen said. "If this individual was not a rich white kid from a privileged background and an influential family, he would be in prison right now."

Judges seem to have an allergy to sending rich white kids to prison for sex crimes, or even manslaughter. It didn't seem to matter that the kid's home was commonly used by the kid for drug parties.

The Times' story noted that the perp had violated probation. Typically, when a defendant is being sentenced for a serious crime and there is a history of probation violations, off to prison they go.

Three adults, including the perp's parents, are facing charges of facilitating the drug and booze parties for minors. It's probably dead-nuts certain that they'll express remorse and get a slap on their wrists.

Being white and rich has its privileges when it comes to the criminal justice system.

Same as it ever was.


  1. So this judge claims he prayed in order to make a decision in this case of a serial rapist. This predator destroyed the lives of four teenagers, and the judge let him walk.

    Rittenhouse went to Kenosha to 'help' the cops, and 'defend' property that wasn't his with a rifle that he wasn't legally able to purchase. He killed two people and injured a third, justifying it with a claim of self-defense.

    Gosar posts a video depicting the killing of AOC. When criticized, he takes it down. Then when censured by Congress, he reposts the video without regret.

    Waiting to see what happens in the Aubury case. Already saw that the defendant with the shotgun claimed self defense because Aubury grabbed at the weapon pointed at him. He tried running away but was chased down in a vehicle by three armed men.

    What the fuck is wrong with these people? They long for the 'good old days' with Mom and Pop, apple pie, and the American flag. They preach for law and order and personal responsibility. And they let shit like the above happen without any consequences.

    Things are gonna get worse before they get better unless cooler heads prevail and start using common sense.


  2. Well said Dale. Couldn't have said it better.

  3. It's class, not race. If you're a Harvard Man (or Woman) it really doesn't matter what race you are, the cops and the courts will give you a lot of the benefit of the doubt. If you're a working stiff, not so much.

    Clark from Popehat had an epic rant abut this eight years ago.

  4. It could be both. I'll go read the rant.

    (Thanks for making that clickable.)

  5. The judge said he prayed over the case before deciding. Really? Who would Jesus rape?

    -Doug in Sugar Pine

  6. Daddy Belter is a high powered lawyer in a top firm with mucho influence. He probably had a hand in most of the local judges making it to the bench. If the judge prayed for anything it was for Daddy's contributions to keep coming for the judge's next election.

  7. Montag, yep, the powerful classes get a pass, as is explained in Borepatch's link. If Daddy Belter was working the assembly line at the GM truck plant, Belter fils would be on his way to a NYS prison until the 2030s, at the earliest. Given the ages of the victims, hizzoner would have likely stacked the sentences.

    Even if the kid violates probation, his daddy will keep him out of jail.


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