Friday, June 2, 2023

Boeing Starliner, Again

Boeing’s astronaut capsule faces more launch delays after the discovery of problems that should have been caught earlier, officials said.
Until recently, the Starliner capsule was on track for a July test flight with two astronauts to the International Space Station, a planned trip that was already well behind schedule.

But final reviews uncovered issues with the parachute lines and other problems that were present on last year’s test flight with no one on board and, officials said, should have been caught years ago

Some of the issues involve flammable materials, because the World's Most Space Companytm apparenlty forgot about the Apollo 1 fire. (Fun fact: The Apollo 1 capsule was built by Boeing. Well, actually North American, but Boeing absorbed them, so if Boeing can claim the MD-90 and the DC-3, they can damn well claim the Apollo capsure.)

Other problems "should have been caught years ago"... tell me again about Boeing's historic experience with manned space flight.


  1. Something about ignorance and history happening again.
    All hurry to boom.


  2. I'd pretty much forgotten that the Starliner even existed. As much as I despise Elmo, the Dragon capsule works. Maybe it's time the tell Boeing "Thanks, but no thanks".

  3. NASA doesn't want to be reliant on a single source of transport to the ISS. If there is no competition, Musk is venal enough to charge a lot more per seat. Just like the Russians did.

  4. Yes, Comrade, but if this is free market competition providing the best and safest human-to-orbit transport at the lowest possible cost, then I am the Tsar of All Russias.

    The Alien lifeform from McD-D continues to devour Boeing from within.

    Ala Rumsfeld, we go into space with what we have. Ain't it grand.


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