Monday, May 29, 2023

Did Ukraine Neuter Russia's Tactical Nuclear Threat?

It has now been proven that Russian hypersonic/ballistic missiles can be intercepted by Western air defenses. The much-ballyhooed "undetectable, unstoppable missiles," as the Russians claimed, have proven to be both detectable and stoppable. Since they are the same weapons that carry some of Russia's "tactical" nukes, they have cause for concern. The Russians are searching for scapegoats, much as they did when Stalin was their dictator.

It's how war evolves. For instance, there's not a lot of coverage anymore of HIMARS attacks, which suggests to me that the Russians are able to jam or degrade the missiles' guidance systems.


  1. On the HIMARS, the interception of the missiles seems to be an issue, but reports seem to confirm that targets without top level point defense systems are still getting plastered by them.


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