Sunday, September 25, 2022

Russian Mobilization

(Stickied because of additional links.)
Meduza reports that after Putin finishing holding his sham referendum in occupied territories, the Russians will close their border to all young men. I presume that this will apply to those who can't come up with the requisite bribe for an exit visa.

They also state, in the same article, that the 300,000 number is a lie, that the Russians are mobilizing 1.2 million men. I presume that number would not go down so well if known. I've seen that number elsewhere, but those news outlets are mostly quoting Meduza. The Russians are avoiding, as much as they can, drafting people from the cities and concentrating on rural areas that have less access anything other than Putin's propaganda. The Russians are also concentrating on drafting troublesome minorities, such as the Crimean Tartars.

I'm not sure what good a million half-trained, poorly-equipped and unmotivated soldiers are going to do. The fact of the matter remains that the Russian soldiers are fighting for Putin's glory and the Ukrainian soldiers are fighting to defend their country from invasion.

Shades of Vietnam in Russia.


  1. Germany thinks they are good for the winter

  2. Clear indication it doesn't have the resources for a prolonged engagement.

    I think it'll implode, and with it the world order as we know it.

    Paper tiger ...

  3. Someone posted a picture of a rusted AK saying it was just issued. If that is what they're armed with, there will be many casualties just from exploding weapons. I guess it's not a concern to Puuty but he doesn't have the equipment to arm any more people as soldiers. They are likely going back to one rifle for 3 soldiers. Survivor gets the gun, as long as they survive. Hell of a way to fight a war.

  4. Hip dip in the Big Muddy and the big fool says push on....

  5. "Everyone will now be mobilized..

    and all boss old enough to carry a spear will be sent to Addis Ababa. Married men will take their wives to carry food and cook. Those without wives will take any weman without a husband. Women with small babies need not go. Those blind. those who cannot walk or reason for any cannot carry a spear are exempted. Anyone found at home after receipt of this order will be hanged. "


    Emperor of Ethiopia

    (upon invasion by Italy, 1935)

  6. One thing to note: This is going to be a demographic disaster for Russia.

    The deal is that Russia is *old*. There are only 8 million or so young men of fighting age. Figure 2 million of them are going to end up in arms. That's 25% of the young men in Russia! And they're being sent to die. And probably half of them *will* die.

    This does not bode well for Russia's future.


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