Thursday, September 29, 2022

Differences Between TPG and TFG

I'm pretty confident that President Biden will not be publicly whining that the governors of states hit by Ian aren't thanking him for the Federal response to the disaster.

Unlike the TOFF.

You probably won't see President Biden throwing rolls of paper towels to those helping marshal supplies for recovery efforts. Unlike Cadet Bone Spurs.

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  1. Biden on the approach of hurricane Ian:

    "My administration is on alert and in action to help the people of Florida. I have approved Florida's request for emergency response assistance immediately upon receiving it from the governor. And I directed my team to surge federal assistance there before the storm hit." Biden said. "Whatever they need, I mean this sincerely. whatever they need, contact me directly."

    No bullshit, no attempts to make political rivals grovel to get his assistance, just the sane, competent governance that 81,283,098 of us voted for.

    -Doug in Sugar Pine


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