Saturday, May 14, 2022


If you get one of the new electric F-150s, and if you plan on towing things, figure you'll have to stop to charge that thing up every two hours, or less.

Given the shorter range on those trucks, you'd think that the auto companies would come up with a body design that is a tad bit aerodynamic than a fucking billboard.

But what the hell do I know.

You could mount a generator in the bed, but it seems the folks at Found On Road, Dead have thought of that.


  1. Better pisser is almost all charging points do not allow for pull through charging…so you get stuck finding a place to park your towed item before you sidle up to the charger…if some snotty Audi e-Tron owner hasn’t taken that spot first! Last I heard, in the Los Angeles area there was ONE pull through charging location…and that was in Bakersfield, locally known as Battlefield.

  2. I’d just be happy if, say, 95% of the F-150 owners around here could drive worth a damn.

  3. So the complaint is that it gets terrible mileage pulling a large boat at 75 mph.
    What would get good mileage doing that?


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